Play-by-Play Man:

Personally, I can't eulogize


, as I grew up listening to

on the radio (and didn't pay much attention to the Colts at all), thinking Thompson was just a guy who did commercials. But obviously the guy was huge in Baltimore, and his death is today's


. Besides Ed Waldman's just-linked obituary, there's at least five other stories/columns in

The Sun

, so just look around. Matt Schude does the



. (Hate to be catty at a moment like this, but Page B04? C'mon, the Nationals are only, like, 5 days old.) And the

, via



Thornton Wild:

Like argument over control of the city's schools, I am woefully ignorant about the

, what it means for the state's schools, and whether or not any of it got implemented. There are just too many twists and turns for anyone not following schools full-time to follow. Anyway, part of Thornton



starting today; the state's high court is supposed to figure out whether the state shortchanged city schools by $400 to $800 million over the past few years. Like I said, it's confusing.

Sorry, Hack:

Instead of going with first-choice

, city to

construction of $290 million publicly financed convention headquarters hotel.

Campus Growth:

to get two new buildings thanks to


Card Sharks:

Anne Arundel Co. bingo-hall operators, in order to compete with slots they say, ask state for

. Am I the only one who feels dirty following this whole effort by our elected officials to separate old and poor folks from even more of their money?

Slots Sermons:

State's churches

"Stop Slots Sabbath." This is interesting, because Gov. Ehrlich was hoping to use churches to his advantage on the anti-same-sex marriage bill, which just

in a House committee. So, that's a nonstarter + churches pretty much united against him on slots = not looking good for Bobby. In other slots news, racetrack developer William Rickman says he'll gladly


Dirty Money:

From the


, Montgomery Co. Council member says--shock!!--that campaign contributions influenced Gov. Ehrlich's decision to

. More interesting is the ways

boosters went around campaign-finance laws to give the gov somewhere in the neighborhood of $130,000.


On Saturdy,

The Sun

on Joe Steffen's e-mails story.


Western Marylanders



Is This "News"?

Due to crowded downtown hotels, poor Miss USAs

in Columbia. Is anyone else embarassed that Baltimore is hosting this year's


Dem Bones:

Construction turns up town founder's grave

in Salisbury.

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