Bombs Abay:



on lower Eastern Shore's

. Watermen and residents not happy. "This would be devastating to the watermen," Ben Parks, president of the Dorchester County Seafood Harvesters Association, tells


The Sun

. "You've got God knows how many watermen using that area, and you're talking about losing prime time for crabbing, plus a big part of the charter boat industry."

Park and Ride:

OK, this is a poorly written story, leading with a bunch of facts rather than the gist, but a closer read reveals that the state is

. I think. The

, aka

, plans to build something called

, a $30 million educational retreat at

in Cecil County. But the state's toss-in is only $3 million, so this seems like kinda small potatoes. And the reporter, David Nitkin, ties it in with

, but it seems to have little to do with that. I think. And if this is more important than I think, Nitkin didn't communicate it very clearly.

Generally Assembled:

Good--read it--story from the



papers' Steven T. Dennis on

. State Senate

$1 raise in minimum wage, to $6.15; similar House bill pending.

. House

to name BWI Airport after Thurgood Marshall; Senate President Mike Miller says Senate unlikely to do the same.


Gay Life

covers legislative hearings on



covers legislative budget hearing that turned into forum on



Washington Post

, by sifting through some of the Joe Steffen e-mails released yesterday,

that Steffen had more juice in the Ehrlich administration than it seems willing to admit. In one e-mail he wrote, "Though it doesn't need to be said, I have full authority, indeed I am at times directed/mandated, to contact individuals directly regarding meetings and other requests on behalf of the governor." And Ehrlich spokesman responds, "This was an irrelevant guy. … He was irrelevant to our world." Who do you believe.

The Sun

doesn't seem to have this story today, but missed yesterday's

on state's seizure of O'Rumor-mongerer Joe Steffen's computer hard drive (that's where these e-mails came from, natch).

For Amusement Only:

You know those gaming machines at neighborhood bars that you really shouldn't touch unless you know somebody who knows somebody, or something like that? Well, according to this


story, they're

outside Baltimore, especially in P.G. County. Legislators are, of course, outraged. "This is the most outrageous thing that I could talk to you about," on delegate says. "Why didn't they take the machines to Howard County? Why didn't they take them to Montgomery County?" And, yes, also appalled. "It is appalling," another delegate says. "We need to make sure that the police stomp it out immediately."



Baltimore Business Journal

calls from legislators and maritime industries to make the Port of Baltimore independent of Maryland Dept. of Transportation.

Wine and Dine:

North County News

has a decent localized story, focusing on

, on expected Supreme Court decision on



Binghamton Philharmonic conductor

music director.

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