After the ridiculously busy news day that was last Friday--Port of Baltimore director resigns, House passes slots bill, and city asks to re-take-over its schools--thankfully, nothing much happened over the weekend, except, of course, the slowly approaching snowstorm.

By a Nose: Anyway, that means mostly updates, starting with the most heavily covered local story, slots: Hagerstown Herald-Mail (gives a lot of voice to slots opponents); Salisbury Daily Times (focuses on lack of slots on Eastern Shore, local pols mostly happy, expect slots on Shore within a year or two anyway); Washington Post (focuses on closeness of vote, Speaker Michael Busch unwilling to compromise, Senate President Mike Miller says, yeah, right); Washington Times (Speaker Busch is--surprise!--an obstructionist); Post columnist Marc Fisher (grudgingly grants Gov. Ehrlich a win, makes fun of slots players and proponents); Post Md. politics column (labor leaders not happy with Doug Duncan's slots oppostion); Sunday Sun wrap-up (takes a look at likelihood of compromise between House and Senate); Sun columnist Dan Rodricks (wishes slots upon not just Anne Arundel Co.'s Laurel Park, but also Gibson Island, Severna Park, old-town Annapolis, etc.); Sun columnist C. Fraser Smith (more on wacky slots opponent Del. Luiz Simmons, D-Montgomery Co.); Washington Times politics column (touches on Duncan-O'Malley slots tiff and Jim White's resignation from port).

Port Reform: Sun Saturday follow-up; on Sunday, Gov. Ehrlich speaks; Baltimore Business Journal's brief.

Reform School: Not much follow-up on the city/schools thing, except this Saturday Sun story.

Generally Assembled: Yes, the legislature is doing things other than squabbling over slots. Post weekend round-up; Sun on stem-cell research funding; hybrid car owners lobby for stricter mileage rules; longstanding laws complicate proposed witness intimidation laws.

Movin' on Up York Road: Towson Borders moving to Timonium. More from the BBJ: Some local leaders still pushing for downtown racetrack; more on City Councilman Keiffer Mitchell Jr.'s opposition to public funding of convention headquarters hotel; media outlets go after local Latinos.

Shades of O'Rumors: FBI ends probe of alleged rumor-spreading by U.S. Rep. Wayne Gilchrest, R-Eastern Shore.

Fire Sale: City considers selling Fire Department Key Highway repair shop (you know, right near Little Havana and the old Globe Brewing Co., on the water).