Crime and Punishment: Three guards fired, two others disciplined in relation to the strangling death of Philip E. Parker Jr. on a prison bus. (The Sun's minisite.) And the story from the AP, which has also been covering this story well.

By a Length: House Ways and Means votes 13-5-3 on slots bill, meaning full House could vote on it tomorrow. Final House bill drops slots on Eastern Shore, but adds Allegany County. (Sun's minisite.) Oh, and here's moreon Doug Duncan's visit to Baltimore to denounce Martin O'Malley's moral ambiguity on slots.)

The Post story does a better job of noting that the House and Senate bills still differ substantially, so some serious, well, horse-trading, is gonna be neccessary (that is, if the full House passes the bill; still not a given). The DC paper also gets points for a handy vote breakdown. And the Washington Times' take, still concentrating on opposition from PG County church leaders.

Decent localized stories from the Hagerstown Herald-Mail and the Frederick News-Post. Gazette papers coverage, and the AP story.

Scoop!: According to Dundalk Eagle, CCBC Chancellor Irving P. McPhail's decision to move his and other administrative offices from Catonsville to Dundalk, which cost up to $400,000, may have led to his resignation.

Missed it: State cuts mean an end to Western Maryland Scenic Railroad (Cumberland Times-News). Sun catches up today.

No Sex: If I know my Roman Catholic archdioceses, and I probably don't, I think Washington's is generally more conservative than Baltimore's, but this--the Archdiocese of Washington petitioning against Montgomery County's new sex-ed classes--could have local reverberations. So keep an eye on it.

Beatdown: Having covered the port during my days at the Baltimore Business Journal, I believe it when E. Lorenzo Di Casagrande, vice president of Mediterranean Shipping Co., says his pretty severe criticisms of leadership at the Port of Baltimore (for instance, ""What was achieved during the last 18 years was due to hard work in creating the proper respect among all the parties involved. … It is sad to see it destroyed by political incompetence.") are not political. These guys are interested in one thing: money. They could care less about who's in charge, as long as the politicians stay out of their way and/or go out of their way to make things easier for shipping companies. But who knows: Di Casagrande's complaints, via letter, went through big-time Dem donor Peter Angelos. Anyway, the Post covered this, too.

Shades of 2001: Three CSX freight trains derail in Howard Street Tunnel; no fires or nothing, though.

Port Coveted: New developers win rights to further develop Port Covington (now home to Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and the Powwow) with townhouses, shops, and such.

Xenaphobia's Warrior Princes (Part 2): Those Baltimore County Republican delegates also want to make English state government's official language.

Yes Free Parking: UMd Transportation Services Director David Allen (shock!) doesn't pay his parking tickets.

Nicest Fugitive Photo Ever. Also from the Easton paper, more on that Cambridge-area hotel murder suicide.

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