Free Comic Book Day In Baltimore

Free Comic Book Day In Baltimore

There are a few high holidays on the comic book nerd calendar. Free Comic Book Day, which takes place this Saturday, May 3, is one of the highest. Each year, the comic book stores of America dole out a myriad of free floppys to both entice the newbies and prepare vet readers for the coming Summer event stories planned by their favorite publishers. It's also a great time to get a fat discount on those trades and graphic novels you've been eyeing up since your last paycheck and walking away with an armload of free shit for your kid, who won't look out of place dressed up like their favorite hero. This year, we've combed the city's shops in search of the best deals, events, and cool junk for comic book fans. Here's our picks for what you and the kids should look out for:

is rolling out its weekly, "universe changing event,"


Futures End

for the older fans and


Teen Titan's Go!

, for the younger fans of the Cartoon Network show and Marvel, the "House of Ideas," is pushing its new bloated franchise film,

Guardians Of The Galaxy

with a new special edition book. For a complete list of all the new titles rolling on check


in Fells Point will be raffling off an artists edition of Jack Kirby's Fantastic Four work (we want in on this one), and storewide discounts on trades (collected single issues) and graphic novels. As a bonus, the city's Kinetic Sculpture Race will parade right in front of the store. In Hampden, one of our favorite shops,

, will release its annual (free) anthology,


, featuring local artists like

City Paper

contributor Alex Fine, Kelly Froh, Monica Gallagher, Everett Gee, Jimm Giegerich, Kate Haberer, Katrin Hagen, Jordan Jeffries, and Dina Kelberman; copies of

Barrio Mothers


, and Paul Pope's

Invincible Haggard West

. A little further afield in Catonsville,

is featuring discounts, work by Baltimore illustrator Tim Murphy, who will be doling out free sketches of heroes and villains, and a fuzzy dice throw for all kinds of free stuff. Up north,

on York Road across from the Senator Theater promises up to 75 percent off on trades, graphic novels and action figures, and discounts on kiddie books. Alliance Comics in Federal Hill will be putting out a few years worth of Free Comic Day swag and will have a few copies of fan favorite Mouse Guard, which goes fast, according to the shop. Way down south in Annapolis,

will have a mini convention of sorts with cos-players, face painting, a Nintendo Game Stop, and food. And finally, on Harford Road,

will be hosting a signing by comic book artist and icon

and giving out

Amazing Spiderman 2

tickets. For a complete guide to enjoying one of the holiest-of-holies on the nerd calendar, check out this complete

and enjoy.

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