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[caption id="attachment_20859" align="alignleft" width="300"]Seriously, man, Seriously, man.[/caption] So yesterday Marylanders were treated to what the papers (here and here, for example) depicted as an entertaining "zing" by a lawmaker at the company that produces Netflix's hit "House of Cards." Availing themselves to yet another opportunity to publish photos of Kevin Spacey (or the snippets of the show's audio), both the Baltimore Sun and the Daily Record (and plenty more media outlets too) told their readers and listeners that Del. William Frick (D-Montgomery) had added an amendment to the bill—now sure to become law—which will hand over an additional $11 million (more or less) to Spacey's crew. That amendment promises to condemn, by "eminent domain," the show's "property" in the event that it leaves the state. OK, that's total bullshit. The questions not answered or even asked at are as follows:

I. Regarding The Stunt

II. Regarding The Stories