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Fear of a free planet: Maryland's passage of transgen-rights bill riles the crazies

The stories scrolling on the Federalist's homepage this morning come in this order: strip clubs, strip malls, Obama's fiscal policy, and Maryland's passage of a civil-rights bill protecting transgender people. Written by

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" While mainstream coverage of the event by, for example,

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Washington Post

, distilled the debate into a dichotomy between opponents, who say the public accommodations part of the soon-to-be law mean

, and supporters, who say

and what's really at stake is basic protections involving jobs, housing, and the like, Morabito takes a different tack, positing that the bill signals how society is becoming a place where those who think humanity is made up of men and women are demonized as haters, and where, by logical extension, people will seek protections based on whatever they say they think they are. Morabito's self-described mission in life is to fight back against political correctness, since she suspects it's turning society into lambs, easily led to embrace totalitarianism. On the transgen-rights issue, her passions have awoken suddenly because, though such protections already exist in many other states, Morabito claims "there appears to have been a pretty strict media blackout" on Maryland's bill - though that's not really the case, given

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in Baltimore and Washington. Morabito's thoughts on the matter are the epitome of reasoned moderation, though, compared to the

found on such sites as

. "And the moral degradation continues unabated.Come quickly Lord Jesus!" writes 57thunderbird on a thread entitled, "Good luck with this: Maryland passes anti-discrimination bill for transgenders." When Watchman74 writes that "I find it baffling that Maryland would bow to the lifestyle 'choice' of such a small minority," Betsy_Ross responds, "Not baffling. It is the reason that western Maryland wants to secede from MD. We had to move for our own sanity as many have already done." Sentinel, meanwhile, writes menacingly that the measure "is nothing but trouble" that will prompt "increase in predatory crimes (rape, peeping toms, indecent exposure, etc.) and assault crimes (robbery, assault, hate crimes, etc.)" that "will happen because the vast majority of Americans aren't homosexual or 'tweeners', nor are they sympathetic to this twisted lifestyle" and "because these sick, screwed up people will keep pushing this disgusting crap on every state in the union. Many people will fight this politically or otherwise." Fortunately, those celebrating the measure's passage tend to be civilized. As blogger

writes, the bill passed "despite the usual hysterical screaming by Christian and anti-gay hate groups who employed the now-familiar specter of hairy men in dresses invading the public bathrooms," adding, "now we wait for the delicious, delicious sadz."

explains the latter as "the hard-to-define mix of symptoms such as sadness, disappointment, disillusionment, and eventually anger, that affects anti-gay activists and organizations" that "have to put out yet another press release explaining why they have lost another battle against marriage equality, and, increasingly, against anything that is pro-gay rights."