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UPDATE: Open Walls Baltimore 2 met with protest citing lack of diversity, Gaia responds

UPDATE: Gaia, the Baltimore street artist who curated

Open Walls Baltimore 2


, issued a response, which you can read at the bottom of this post. Last night, Luminous Intervention protested the launch party for

with an event called


," projecting images on the side of Metro Gallery that criticized the mural project's lack of diversity (of 14 murals planned for the second installment of

Open Walls

, only one features a female artist). One projection read "HOW MANY SAUSAGES DOES IT TAKE TO PAINT A MURAL?" and another that featured Mickey Mouse berating a sausage (pictured). Check out a gallery of the protest

. We asked Olivia Robinson, one of the organizers of the protest, to expand on her reasons for putting it together, which you can read below. Below that is the text of a Facebook post from Metro Gallery owner Sarah Werner, who wanted to clarify that the projections were protesting the show, not the gallery itself. Werner's words are reposted with her permission.

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reached out to Gaia, the curator of the project, and did not receive an immediate response. We'll update the post if we receive anything. Olivia Robinson:

The video projection can be seen in full here: Metro Gallery owner Sarah Werner:

A response from Gaia: