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What's good today?: "Michael Jackson: The Immortal," Clash of the Fan Fictions, Dope Body and Roomrunner

Cirque du Soleil is in town performing acrobatics, high-flying stunts, and all sorts of other body-contorting stuff in tribute to the King of Pop. If you still remember all the moves from the "Thriller" music video and bust out an occasional falsetto "hee hee!" when you hear Jackson in your car, chances are you'll enjoy

Michael Jackson: The Immortal


. Fan fiction opens up some pretty interesting possibilities. What if Mario and Princess Peach had kids? What would happen to Frasier Crane if he moved to San Francisco? Stuff like that. Writers of such speculative fiction will battle it out at the Windup Space in the

Clash of the Fan Fictions


, pitting authors with four-page stories against each other in a competition to see who can spin the best yarn with beloved characters from movies, TV, comics, and more. Some will even try to come up with the best storyline on the spot. A stellar duo of heavy-hitting locals,

Dope Body



, headline a bill that also boasts Toronto indie rock band


at the Crown. What's not to like about loud-as-fuck guitars and a plate of dumplings? From the Short List: "Pianist

Marcus Dagan


interprets the Great American Songbook at the Cabaret at Germano's (see

). The

Scotch Bonnets

play reggae grooves at the Sidebar. Emo dance-pop brats

Breathe Carolina

headlines the Ottobar. Don't miss:



plays a program of Turkish music at An die Musik to celebrate the Persian New Year."