Burger Bracket: Round Two Results

Burger Bracket: Round Two Results

Round Two: Voting is over and the results are in. This rounds winners are: Hamilton Tavern, Kooper's Tavern, Mother's Federal Hill Grille,and The Abbey Burger Bistro.

Round Two Results

Hamilton Tavern

5517 Harford Road, [410] 426-1930, hamiltontavern.com Hamilton Tavern's "Crosstown Burger" is made from Roseda Farms beef, comes standard with lettuce, onion, and horseradish cheddar cheese, and features optional additions of bacon and/or a fried egg, and while we're not against an all-out burger experience, this one is so tasty and substantial that you may want to opt out on the cheese and extras to focus on the burger.

The Brewer's Art

1106 N. Charles St., [410] 547-6925, thebrewersart.com Whether you dig the bright upstairs bar or the subterranean homesick blues of the basement, Brewer's' 8-ounce burger makes a perfect complement to their beer. The Vermont cheddar and the juicy beef blend with the rosemary-garlic fries to create the flavors that scream summer.
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21 N. Eutaw St., [410] 545-5122, alewifebaltimore.com We're sure Alewife has plenty of other good dishes, but we've hardly ever noticed because we always get the smoke burger. This monster—which comes with a knife in its heart and is made with 11 ounces of locally sourced beef, two kinds of cheese, and bacon on a brioche bun, and duck-fat fries on the side—is big enough to split. But why would you want to?

Kooper's Tavern

1702 Thames St., [410] 563-5423, kooperstavern.com, @BRGRwagon In Baltimore, the name Kooper's is practically synonymous with burgers. The place epitomizes gourmet gluttony: They deck out their hefty patties—made with Black Angus beef, Wagyu beef, lamb, bison, elk, and more—with roasted garlic cream cheese, Baja slaw, truffle arugula, crab dip, and other drool-worthy toppers.
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415 W. Cold Spring Lane, [410] 235-3433, locohombre.com Long before burgers became trendy, this spot was serving up some of the best in town. The menu features 21 custom-made burgers, and for the brave at heart, there's the Big Tex Burger Challenge, featuring double-stacked 1-pound burgers topped with barbecue sauce, bacon, chili, onion straws, jalapeños, and cheddar cheese. It'll cost you $25, but you get a sweet T-shirt if you finish in 30 minutes or less.

Mother's Federal Hill Grille

1113 S. Charles St., [410] 244-8686, mothersgrille.com Mother's gets a lot of flak because of its binge-drinking clientele, but the burger options here, concocted by a chef who formulates his own rub for the patties, more than make up for the company. There's a pit beef burger, a hot dog burger, a mushroom gravy burger, and 17 more, including the "Heart Attack"—a beer-battered patty infused with cheddar cheese and deep-fried—which has been featured on the Food Network and NPR.
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The Abbey Burger Bistro

1041 Marshall St., [443] 453-9698, abbeyburgerbistro.com With everything from a fried green tomato burger to a lamb burger, and a build-your-own checklist that includes wild boar, kangaroo, elk, bison, and a slew of toppings, this spot is for serious burger innovators everywhere. And it also happens to be a favorite of Orioles center fielder Adam Jones.

The Dizz

300 W. 30th St., [443] 869-5864, thedizzbaltimore.com If the Dizz is "Baltimore in a Bar," then their burgers are the Dizz in a burger, with everything left in and nothing left out. Sometimes between beers two and four, we head straight for the bacon cheeseburger, but keep your eye on the menu for any of the daily special-topping burgers, always worth a try.
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