Former Navy SEAL comes out as transgender

Here's something you've not seen: A Navy SEAL formerly known as Chris Beck has a book out about coming out transgender. It is called

Warrior Princess


. She is now Kristin Beck. Beck was a football-playing, motorcycle-riding dude who got on The Teams, as the SEALs are sometimes known, and retired 20 years later, according to

on the Special Operations Forces Situation Report (SOFREP) by Brandon Webb, who says he knew Beck back in the day.

Webb's written a couple books on his, including a

of his own time as a SEAL and SEAL sniper trainer. From the Amazon blurb on Beck's book:

She tweets under the name @healinggrounds And has a non-profit:

Checking with the VeriSeal folks but looks like this one is not a

. And just in time for Pride week.