Ten Years Ago in City Paper: March 27, 2002

Ten Years Ago in City Paper: March 27, 2002

Joab Jackson's feature tracks how

entered mainstream debate. In Mobtown Beat, Afefe Tyehimba looks at the


" during Easter season. The Nose reports that Mayor Martin O'Malley reversed course on a

and echoes a rumor that Baltimore police commissioner

was interviewed to be top cop in Philadelphia. Michael Anft's Media Circus profiles Nestor Aparicio's sports-radio station,

. Tom Chalkley's Charmed Life goes to

in Beverly Hills.

has letters from Stephen R. Rourke, Rajani Bhatia and Jacqueline Robarge. The columns are: Suz Redfearn's Germ Bag, on

; Joe MacLeod's Mr. Wrong, on

; Mink Stole's Think Mink, on


; Wiley Hall III's Urban Rhythms, on

; and Tom Scocca's 8 Upper, on

. Scocca & MacLeod's proto-blog,

, reads the comics so you don't have to. In Art, Mike Giuliano checks out

at C. Grimaldis Gallery and

at Goucher College's Rosenberg Gallery. Bret McCabe de-lionizes


in The Arts. In Film: Ian Grey waxes revisionist about

and drools over

; Eric Allen Hatch likes having his buttons pushed by

; Joe MacLeod obeys

; Lee Gardner survives

; Andy Markowitz tries to be nice about

; Luisa F. Ribeiro gives

its due; and Adele Marley gives a cold shoulder to

. Michelle Gienow's Dish says

is a favorite. In Cheap Eats, Michelle Gienow gets soulful about