Noise in Brief: All the Baltimore Music News That Isn't Fit to Print

The Man Show

Local magazine


did the impossible with its new issue, bringing together Bossman and Mullyman, the Baltimore rappers who have been feuding on and off for almost three years, together for the cover story "Bigger Than Beef." The entire article, including a photo spread with several other local MCs, is downloadable as a

on the magazine's web site.



We spoke to

The Wire

music supervisor

this week about the show's upcoming fifth season, which wrapped shooting last week and is currently in postproduction. And while he couldn't say too much yet on the record as to what music will be used (aside from Steve Earle's recording of the theme song, Tom Waits' "Way Down in the Hole," as reported in

in June), he did confirm the show's plans to feature more music from various local hip-hop artists, as he did in Season 4. Among the artists who have already announced that they have submitted music for the show are Mullyman, Darkroom Productions, and B.O.M.B.

Walls of Sound

In a recent post on the Associated Press music blog

, Fluxblogger

traces the shoegaze influences shared by three Baltimore bands: Celebration, Monarch, and Thrushes. Celebration's second album is due out in October, and Monarch's debut, released locally this past spring, has been gaining some well-deserved buzz since its national release by Morphius in March. And this Saturday, at the grand opening of the Lo-Fi Social Club, Thrushes play their last show with the band's original lineup, before Ryan Sterner replaces founding drummer Matt Davis.

Who Got Next?

Though things had been quiet for


City Paper

cover girl

for the last year or so, it looks like she's been making some powerful friends in the R&B world. Ne-Yo has taken her under the wing of his Compound Entertainment production company, taking Campbell on tour and writing songs for her Sony debut. And this Summer, Paula won a contest for Ciara to direct her video, for "Ain't Nobody Stupid," which recently


Hands Up . . .


is streaming "What I Got," an outtake from Interscope artist M.I.A.'s new album,


, produced by Baltimore club fixture Blaq Starr. Their other collaboration, "The Turn," is featured on the domestic release of the album, while "What I Got" is available only as a bonus track on the Japanese edition.

Bring on the Major League Unlimited

On Sept. 1, Mullyman shot a video for the song "Hustleman Shuffle," from the

album, at James Mosher Elementary, and is now planning another video shoot, for the single "I'm Good," which has been getting spins on D.C.-area station 95.5 WPGC.

Four-One-Oh Funk

Labtekwon recently announced, via his

, that the 410 Pharoahs, his group with Baltimore club producers DJ Booman and Jimmy Jones, has signed to Strictly Rhythm to release its upcoming debut album. The members of the club/rap hybrid project had been shopping the album to various labels since releasing the singles "Sex Machine" and "Hammer Dance" last year.

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