Heartless Bastards Rip Off 2640 Space

Excuse the headline editorializing, but what happened Monday night at

, home to everything from punk shows to lectures, is clearly a double-asshole move. According to collective member An Byrne and 2640's


, sometime between 5 p.m. Monday and noon Tuesday, about $2,000 worth of sound equipment—purchased by 2640 with money borrowed from the organizer's "meager" personal finances—was stolen from a storage cabinet in the Charles Village


-cum-performance space. So, not only was 2640—a collaboration of sorts between St. John's United Methodist Church and

—ripped off, but the heartless bastards in question slimed their way into a sacred place to do it. Byrne (no relation to this writer) speculates that the theft may be the result of a door left unlocked after a Monday night church event: There was no sign of break-in through the front door; only a backroom door and the cabinet itself were forced open. Moving a PA setup is also a considerable task, requiring a couple of hands and a truck/van to haul it. It was "something somebody knew about," Byrne says. Needless to say, the church and 2640 agree on a need for better security in the future. For now, the break-in hasn't wrecked any of 2640's future plans. According to Byrne, the space's next event won't need more than a layman's setup of a microphone and a couple of speakers. The event after that, Nov. 18's Jazz Brunch, will need something more. "If not, we've got to be able to make sure the sax player plays


," Byrne jokes. The collective has already scanned area pawnshops to no avail, and the Baltimore Police Department hasn't been able to offer much more than suggestions on how to prevent this from happening in the future. The robbery also appears to have no connection to recent "kid gang" activity in the area of late. 2640 Space is accepting PayPal donations

. Or send checks made out to "Red Emma's" to: Red Emma's ATTN: Kate 800 St. Paul St. Baltimore, MD 21202 If you have any information on the stolen equipment (exact specs below), please call (410) 230-0450 or e-mail info-at-redemmas.org -- 3 AKG D8000S Mics. labeled "2640" -- Yamaha EMC 5016C powered mixer -- Elation Stage setter 816CH DMX Stage Light Console -- 2 c. 1970 Silver Realistic Mics.

Photo: 2640 Space