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With a Little Luck

If you're piled into a theater sometime over the holidays to catch the apparently quite sweet



, listen close during the opening credits. That's local songwriter-for-kids

's song "All I Want Is You." The former host of the kids TV show


Field Trip

and now a touring children's musician recorded the song way back in 1977 for his fantastically titled album

My Brother Thinks He's a Banana

. Getting the song into the movie was pure luck, he says. "Jason Reitman, the director, was looking for a song with a similar name on iTunes and sampled mine by accident," Polisar writes on his press release. "Then he just e-mailed me from my web site and asked me if he could use it." Not a bad X-mas gift at all. Polisar added this morning via email that it really isn't about the money; "it's letting the general public know I am still around, still here after all these years, making music and writing."