Ten Years Ago in City Paper: Sept. 12, 2001

Ten Years Ago in City Paper: Sept. 12, 2001

The regularly scheduled feature – Van Smith on the renewed sense of risk, in light of the Howard Street tunnel fire, of

through it – is joined by a raft of stories reacting to the previous day's terrorist attacks:


; Ian Grey on

in New York City; Tom Scocca


; Austin Kennedy on

; Susan Muaddi Darrai on

; Christine Kreyling

; William O. Beeman on

; and Helen Shortal on

. Mobtown Beat is Brennen Jensen on a data-crunching nonprofit that

. The Nose gets

about a scathing court ruling in a lead-paint-study lawsuit. Tom Chalkley's Charmed Life admires Sam Fitzsimmons'

. The columns are: Suz Redfearn's Germ Bag, on

; Sandy Asirvatham's Underwhelmed, on

; Mink Stole's Think Mink, on

; Wiley Hall III's Urban Rhythms, on


; and Tom Scocca's 8 Upper, on

. Scocca & MacLeod's proto-blog,

, reads the comics so you don't have to. In Imprints: Susan Muaddi Darraj respects two novels by Shashi Tharoor,


; Heather Joslyn appreciates

, L. Jon Wertheim's account of a year on the women's tennis circuit; and John Duffy says Phil Freeman's

is a stilted, fragmented treatment of free-jazz history. Art is Mike Giuliano, checking out the last installations at

. Music is Lee Gardner, putting out for the 3rd annual High Zero Festival, with a

, a

, and a

. Film is: Ian Grey says

is every bit as bad as the rest of Peter Hyams' movies; Luisa F. Ribeiro finds

"weirdly watchable" and

triumphant; Adele Marley sounds like she'd like to be one of the

; Heather Joslyn praises


; and Rachel Deahl says watching

is time wasted, but

is worth seeing. Susan Fradkin's Belly Up fills up at


(Editor's note: This review is exactly a decade old, so take it with a shaker of salt.)

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