Section 8 Scam Scams . . . Who?

Baltimore City Housing sends this urgent dispatch:

Baltimore Housing Uncovers Section 8 Scam


Agency warns residents of deceptive plan

We called Housing spokesperson Cheron Porter for the who, where, and when of this and will update when or if she gets back to us. The thing I'm wondering is,

Who gains

? You put out a bogus flyer and then what happens? Unless you're directing people to come to you with their personal info, and you mean to rip off their identities, there's no reason to do this. UPDATE: Haven't heard back from City Housing but Adam Schneider with health Care for the Homeless writes in an email: "I heard about this flier.  Seems like the 'Yes Men' are in town." The Yes Men are pranksters who put out fake corporate press releases to embarrass big companies. Couple years back they

apologizing for the Bhopal disaster and promising big compensation--just to make Dow deny it. So the fliers might be designed to embarrass Baltimore Housing. Schneider says a colleague of his at the Homeless Persons Representation Project tells him:

Nothing there. Though the 2012 plan takes as a given that the waiting list is closed. I did find

a Sun

story about the closing of the waiting list--that

. Surely the city's housing voucher program hasn't been frozen for that long....

Then again, maybe it has.

UPDATE again: The Sun's Peter Herman

Looks like it's been touch & go for a while though. Here's an ACLU scream about it dating to 2006. (