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Baltimore Round Robin Mobbing a City Near You

Baltimore is taking over the world this fall, or at least a smattering of Midwestern and Eastern cities. With what's being billed as the Baltimore Round Robin tour, Dan Deacon has pretty much bested himself and really anyone who's ever rented a tour bus or three. Basically, Deacon is renting said three buses--veggie fuel-powered, natch--and taking some 60 Baltimore musicians on the road for three weeks.

The idea behind the shows is, well, revolutionary. Each tour stop is a two-night affair with an "eyes night" and a "feet night," which are kinda what they sound like: the "eyes nights" are centered around various head-type musics (folk, theater, improv, "dreamy") and the "feet nights" are for moving (dancing, "thrashing," bobbing). There's also a "weird round" mixed into some select nights.

The "round robin" aspect is literal--the bands set up around the walls of the venue, which will have no front or back, and play in turn with no breaks for the duration of the show. No one headlines these shows and no one is considered an opener.

The "eyes night" artists: Beach House, Creepers, Ed Schrader, Jana Hunter, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Lexie Mountain Boys, Nautical Almanac, Santa Dads, Teeth Mountain, WZT Hearts.

The "feet night" artists: Adventure, Blood Baby, Dan Deacon, the Deathset, DJ Dog Dick, Double Dagger, Future Islands, Height, Lizz King, Nuclear Power Pants, Smart Growth, Video Hippos.

And the "weird round": Boo Boos, Cornelious and Pitifa, Funny Clown, Mark Brown, Ram Ones Show, Beast Sports Ghosts.

The (Baltimore-less) dates:
10/02 Boston, Mass Arts
10/03 Boston, Mass Arts
10/04 Montreal, Église Saint-Enfant Jésus/Pop Montreal
10/05 Montreal, Église Saint-Enfant Jésus/Pop Montreal
10/08 Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Art
10/09 Detroit, Museum of Contemporary Art
10/10 Chicago, Epiphany
10/11 Chicago, Epiphany
10/13 Oberlin, Ohio, Oberlin College
10/14 Oberlin, Ohio, Oberlin College
10/15 Philadelphia, Starlight Ballroom
10/16 Philadelphia, Starlight Ballroom
10/17 New York, Le Poisson Rouge
10/18 New York, Le Poisson Rouge

First night in each city is the "eyes night," while the second is the "feet night."