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"Understand that you have no right to be here when black people are enraged and grieving."

Seems like Makayla Gilliam-Price may have a questionable understanding of what people's rights are.


—"ad-lib," Dec. 23

Two young people being civically active—arbitrarily arrested (brutally), revealing the two-tiered justice system in Baltimore City.

—"Alex Rediger," Dec. 23

Not sure what or where the "system was rigged" exactly in the prosecution of this case. The author never says. The judge kept the trial in Baltimore, [Porter] had [his] day in court, the prosecutor tried a good case. The closing arguments convinced me he was guilty. They are going to retry the case. Where is the "rigging" other than the author's unsubstantiated assertion of what was in the jury's mind?

Police impunity and the power of their unions is infuriating nationwide. In this case, the author, D. Watkins, should try backing up his opinion with some facts specific to the prosecution of this case if he wants to be taken seriously by those he wishes to persuade. Otherwise, he is only preaching to his own choir.

—"Dave Marcoot," Dec. 22

Arguably the best DIPA in the state (Double Duckpin, Union Brewing Co.) didn't make your Top 10?!?! Hey, at least a pumpkin beer and an amber made it.

—"BradKlipner," Dec. 23

I find it hilarious how CP readers think this thing would have been built tomorrow. Even if he did push it through, it would take 10 years to complete this project and cost hundreds of millions in cost overruns. A bridge over I-695 to the west, a billion dollar tunnel under downtown, surface trains on Boston Street? This thing was doomed from the start. We would have been better off taking that federal money and extending the current line to Bayview or White Marsh. Don't blame Hogan, blame O'Malley for that I-95 toll project.


—"Julian Walkey," Dec. 22

@city_paper Larry Hogan is being sued by the NAACP. This is no doubt a scheme cooked up by you and those pesky Duke Boys!

—"@VioletSilver," Dec. 23

You might just as well have flushed that money down the toilet.

—"JoAnne Schmitz," Dec. 21

And they worry about an overdue water bill of $300 but let commercial accounts accrue to the millions. Go figure.

—"Larry Picard," Dec. 22

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