The Mail: 12/23-12/30

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The fountain has been poorly maintained and is an eyesore. Can someone come up with an attracive feature?

—"Jim Rupp," Dec. 18

With all the money Baltimore wastes, they choose to not afford to keep their homeless shelters open unless the temperature drops to zero degrees, and they want to waste more money demolishing and rebuilding a unique park installation.

—"Mick Dillon," Dec. 19

@city_paper Rationale is it is a terrible eyesore. When I was a kid I thought it looked like that because city was too poor for nice things.

—"@calicobayfarms," Dec. 18

Yeah... Imagine that. That means those who can't afford it end up absorbing that cost in their taxes.

"LKiesha Markley," Dec. 18

Good. The point is to generate information transparently so that the people— through the democratic process—can decide if the collective benefits generated by these corporations are in fair relation to the welfare they receive from the public.

—"Felipe Amin Filomeno," Dec. 18

Really? It wasn't up to Sanders what the press showed or did not show? In fact, he criticized the press when they questioned him about Syria and stated he was not there to talk about Syria but about racism and economic inequality.

—"Shelley Birnbaum," Dec. 17


Slumming? Maybe he's the only candidate who actually gives a shit.

—"William Deysher," Dec. 17

The article is better than the comments indicate, and more about the process than Bernie Sanders. He cared enough to show up, and probably did so to wake people up—but the reporters only showed Sanders, not the landscape around him, so it didn't work. Sanders hits the right issues but doesn't enthuse residents—and the one who proudly said he'd vote for Sanders isn't registered. Good points, CP.

—"Liz Morgan," Dec. 17

Great article, but it would make sense [if] he took the tour n the car first. I'm praying that he saw something worth addressing.

—"@janicemccoy83," Dec. 19

WTF, CP? He breezed through because it wasn't originally on his itinerary, he squeezed it in last minute between things in two other states! What other candidates have visited Sandtown-Winchester? And with our life expectancy stats being what they are, how is the third world comparison not apt? I just have no idea what you were trying to go for here. Bernie did a good, low-key thing by trying to get a better understanding of our picture, and your trashing of it is, well, trashy. If a candidate actually comes here and talks to people on the ground, and you bash them for it, how is that not anti-Baltimore?

—"Abby Cocke," Dec. 16

I lived in Pittsburgh for a few years (#1 on the list) the food's mostly horrible there. Not sure why it ever makes an appearance. Food is so much better here in Baltimore.

— "Margarita Stamatelopolous," Dec. 16

Officer Deachilla's incidents involved a carjacking, a hit-and-run, property damage, road closure, and driver speed, reminding me how the American lifestyle is so characterized by dependence on the car. It prompts the observation that folks might be a bit better off if we had alternatives to them.

—"Evangeline A. Wheeler," Dec. 17