Three Poems By Tariq Touré

Three Poems By Tariq Touré
Tariq Touré, a native Baltimorean, is a Muslim essayist, poet, educator, humanitarian and public speaker. Since the age of 19, Touré has mentored at-risk African American Males in Baltimore and Washington D.C. He is also a columnist for Islamic Monthly Magazine & Muslim Matters' online blog. (Courtesy/Tariq Touré)


Beyond the 24-hour news cycle


There is a place

Where politicians eat the dreams of children

And men die for mineral wealth

Where Slavery is the order of the day

And peace is an ancient idea

Where men become obese from the flesh of Nations

And lies come bundled in tight-eyed smiles

Where disaster is a delicacy

And confusion is drank by the gallon

Where the puppet strings are made of iron ore

And dictatorship looks like salvation

Where life is auctioned to the highest bidder

And women hug boys they'll never see again

Where pleasure is constant misery


And poison sold wholesale

Where the righteous are made enemies

And enemies made righteous

And what you see is what's allowed

And what you know is what's been told

And what you hear is all their sound

And what you believe is a lie

And what you do is unplug

And what you do is unplug

And what you do is unplug

"Atoms, Atom, Adam"

Ego, like a rabid dog

Must be taken

Wayyyy out in the pasture

And put to sleep

But instead,

Men have cradled it

As Moses was cradled

Men have nurtured it

As Moses was nurtured

Men have loved it

As Moses was loved

Thus turning themselves

Into little Pharaohs


I know children

Who dream of running

Across acres stretched forth

As far as the eyes can see

With vegetation tilled

By promises their ancestors kept

Sacrifices their Ancestors held to with their teeth

I know children

Who love truth more than caramels

That spend Saturdays

Spinning like tops in the middle of living rooms

That never made room for living

I know children

Whose only wishes

Are to strut as lions do

Sing as birds sing

Fly as Swann fly

Howl as Wolves howl

But for all their ambitions

They encounter bullets

And die as warriors die

For being