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"Where's Housing's Money? Tenants suffer while the Housing Authority sits on millions"


@city_paper The scarcity of funds narrative the city is spinning is running out of gas. No one knows where the $ goes. Zero accountability.

—"@eric_hontz," Nov. 24

@eric_hontz @city_paper Looks like a few know exactly where it goes, general public doesn't. Thank you, City Paper. #transparency

—"@BWGREENLEAF," Nov. 24

@jmgpix @city_paper This crap is unbelievable! Half of our city lives in poverty and the public housing agency is squandering millions!

—"@MattMyersCRE," Nov. 24

I can't wait to read the report about which city official is embezzling it all. It's only a matter of time.

—"Scott Meek," Nov. 24

@city_paper @MayorSRB @councilmanmosby Please let us know why dedicated funds are not used for their purpose? People are living in trash.

—"@Vonnie932," Nov. 27

"A timeline of Baltimore Housing Authority's scandal-filled past few months"

The mayor's CitiStat office should have monitored Housing Authority of Baltimore City like it did when O'Malley and Dixon held them accountable. Back then HABC had to report its maintenance data every two weeks and CitiStat staff asked hard questions about work orders. Stephanie Rawlings-Blake allowed Graziano to operate without oversight. She should also ask him why he has been featured as a "candidate" on the executive firm Gansgans.com's website since 2011 and why that firm's work for HABC does not represent a conflict of interest. Maybe she will also realize that Graziano is a candidate not perhaps suitable for work anywhere. Maybe she will find out that he had no role in the award given to his public housing department that he takes credit for on the firm's website.

—"paulmustgo," Nov. 26

"Round and round: Riders weigh in on BaltimoreLink plan"


A city cannot function without good public transport. It is to be deplored that the already less than ideal bus system is going to be cut even further. It is a telling indication of how little the powers in the state government care about the City of Baltimore. The proposed cuts to the bus system will affect many people and leave them without viable means of transport.

Baltimore already has one of the worst traffic problems in the country. What the governor has already done by cancelling the Red line is beyond comprehension. Now he is proposing further cuts to the MTA system. Shame for shame. This is one more blot on this city, and one that it cannot allow. Surely the city government can make an effort to fight this plan. If they do not it will only help to fragment an already divided city even further.

—"sydney1," Nov. 27

"Streets Market and Cafe has anxiety-inducing architecture but excellent prepared foods"

@city_paper The architecture around Streets is anxiety-producing enough. Yuck.

—"@calicobayfarm," Nov. 29

"Conflicts Of Interest: Conflicts is dead, long live conflicts"

@city_paper @baynardwoods No truer statement: "Everywhere has its flaws, but we're like goddamn flaw-artists." Thanks, Baynard!

—"@sucarlin," Nov. 28