The Mail: 10/14-10/21

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Earmarking tax funds for youth programing is a good idea. All the justifications the article attributes to the various pols make good sense. The stumbling block is where Council President wants to create yet another community board. Unelected boards with no accountability to the voters are the very model of bad government.

—"inkpeninmd1," Oct. 9

Somebody needs to EDM the hell out of this. Please and thank you.

—"wookieonedor," Oct. 20

Those first two words are music to my ears. #DrinkLocal #PabstIsNotLocal

—"@annmariebrok," Oct. 7

Colt 45 should be made here!

—"@Lance_Sturgis," Oct. 10

Just had my first Old Oriole Park Bohemian. Thanks for recommendation @city_paper!

—"@BradPetry," Oct. 9

I'm drinking that beer from @city_paper @brandon_weigel said is good... He ain't wrong, I'm happy to say.

—"@mikesbadtweets," Oct. 9


A hundred more than St. Louis but you have twice the population.

—"@dogtowntim," Oct. 7

I am not going to like this because every week a bit of me dies reading about citizens. I will thank you for continuing the Murder Ink Series, I hope for the day when there is nothing new to report in a week.

—"Richard Friedler," Oct. 7

Such a waste. Eff McDonald's seriously.

—"wheelsee," Oct. 6

Thin the herd, poison the basics.

—"@twigharper," Oct. 6

If this guy had committed a crime, he should of been arrest immediately. Not antagonized to the point where he become more belligerent.

—"Rob Jenkins," Oct. 10

I too waited on line on my laptop in the queue, but I also tried getting to it on my phone. I was able to bypass the line on my Samsung S5 using Chrome. So next time use a mobile browser with limited Javascript support.

—"bmorelectro," Oct. 10

@city_paper @TerenceHannum @Locrianofficial This is some awesomely creepy shit! Even scarier than the Orioles' starting rotation!

—"@jacobsknabb," Oct. 8

@jacobsknabb @city_paper @Locrianofficial scariest costume this year will be an @Orioles uniform

—"@TerenceHannum," Oct. 8

Corrections: A story about Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young's proposal (Mobtown Beat, Oct. 7) to reserve 3 percent of the city's general fund for increased recreation misstated the date of the hearing on that. The hearing has not yet been set. The piece also misstated the amount of money Young attempted to restore to recreation, fire houses, and other priorities in the mayor's 2012 budget. It was $17 million, not $48 million.

A caption with a story on the increasing number of women homebrewers (Feature, Oct. 7) misidentified a member of the Washington D.C. brewing group HOPS. Her name is Sara Bondioli, not Sara Bondiolliand.

A guide to Baltimore Beer Week events (Feature, Oct. 7) misidentified Steve Marsh as the brother of erstwhile CP General Manager Jen Marsh. There is no relation.

City Paper regrets the errors.