Baltimore City Power Rankings: Fox45, Mayor $RB, Ravens, more

Marilyn Mosby
(Alex Fine)

↑ Fox45

Mark the occasion; we're praising Fox45 or anyway, Joy Lepola's recent piece "Body cam footage from Lor Scoota vigil confrontation shows no rock- or bottle-throwing." Fox45 looked at nearly two hours of police bodycam footage from the night of the Lor Scoota vigil when police brought out riot gear because allegedly mourners were throwing rocks and bottles. The footage doesn't reveal any rocks thrown and it also counters the claim that mourners were given multiple warnings to disperse. BPD media spokesperson T.J. Smith offered up a cryptic semi-defense: "Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen."


→ Mosbys

Most politicians would love to get a sympathetic profile in the New York Times Magazine. But Nick and Marilyn Mosby do not appear celebratory in this intimate portrait of them written by Baltimore's Wil S. Hylton. The story hints at tension in the Mosbys' marriage in the wake of Nick's failed mayoral bid and Marilyn's supervision of the trials of cops charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Marilyn's fall has been more pronounced than Nick's, from the heights of hope when she mapped out criminal charges against the six Baltimore City police officers to her press conference announcing that the last charges were dropped. In the article, Marilyn accused Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of feeding the public misinformation--and caused quite a stir. SRB fought back with a preemptive strike, calling a press conference to defend her recrod before the print version of NYT Magazine even hit the stands on Sunday.

→ Mayor $RB

Following the blockbuster New York Times Magazine profile on the Mosbys (see above) in which the State's Attorney questioned how the mayor and former police commissioner Anthony Batts handled the uprising, Rawlings-Blake threw some serious shade back at Mosby: "The political pressure is real when you are in big jobs, and you can't bow to political pressure and charge when you're not ready...Because you say I'm to blame? No." Damn. Those remarks were a strong power play by the mayor, but they also made her seem a bit petty. Further proof $RB has no fucks to give: She held a signing ceremony on Sept. 28 to seal the deal on Port Covington—just before she and eight City Council members see themselves out.

↓ Lt. Brian Rice and Officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller

Last week we learned that the six police officers formerly charged with the death of Freddie Gray were honored at a gala/liberal media roast hosted by the conservative Media Research Center. Lt. Brian Rice and Officers Edward Nero and Garrett Miller were in attendance when conservative pundit Deneen Borelli thanked them for their service, adding that their charges represented "politics at its very worst." (By the way, she didn't seem to even know the story here: Borelli said that Gray died in the van en route, when he really died from his injuries at a hospital days later.) "...No one came forward to thank these six police officers," she said. "No one apologized for ruining their lives." Well, nevermind that Gray lost his.

↓ Ravens

Another week, another uneven game for the Ravens. Only this time they weren't able to magically pull off a win, falling to the Oakland Raiders 28-27. With the absence of rookie left tackle Ronnie Stanley, quarterback Joe Flacco had the Raiders defense in his face all afternoon. Even so, the Ravens still had a good chance at setting up kicker Justin Tucker for a game-winning field goal, but they ultimately failed. In more serious and troubling news, a man was in critical condition (as of this writing) after he was allegedly assaulted by two Raiders fans. In a press conference Monday, Coach John Harbaugh addressed the assault, saying, "This is not what we're about, and we're not gonna have it." Hopefully changes can be made before the next game, on the field and in the stands.