Mr. Wrong: All Mosbys are local

I'm not exactly sure about this—I mean, yeah, that's never stopped me before—but I do pretty well predicting the Politics, and I have never lost an Election Wager, and I am gonna go way out in front on this one, chronologically, and say that Nick Mosby, who is @councilmanmosby on the Twitter, and reps Baltimore City Council District 7—which I am reasonably certain is my District, because I haz Total Recall of seeing his name on the ballot when I voted last time at my Polling Place, unless I lined up at the Voting Machine for the Other District that uses my polling place, in which case FRAUD AT POLLS, but anyway—is the Our Next Mayor of Baltimore, if he runs, which he should, because look, he just got a crucial Endorsement, har!

Now look, I'm not into Politics just because I like Action on the bets, I follow it because Politics is the Real-Life "Game of Thrones" like on the Home Box, anywhere you look, and there's no waiting around for the goofy author to finish writing the story, you know? Yeah man, and I said this a long time ago, that Mosby is gonna be Mayor, and that was even before when people would say "Marilyn?" when I said Mosby was gonna be Mayor. I think Nick Mosby is the most Mosby on the Mayoral Career Track, Mosby-wise. I recall this very publication wrapped around The Mr. Wrong Column awarded Mr. Mosby a "Best Politician" award, although the blurb mighta been cracking on him a li'l bit, talking mostly about how he promotes his Personal Brand and stuff, which of course is something that makes a good Politician, but there are some who would contend that is an oxymoron, OK? But, like, the blurb is Realpolitik and stuff, and it supports my Thesis Statement, see?


I have decided to reveal my Endorsement/Prediction of Nick Mosby as Mayor of Baltimore, America, this week because I was listening to the radio in my car the other day, "The C4 Show," on WBAL (1090 on your AM dial), and Mr. C4 has a real bright, clear voice, but Nick Mosby sounded like he was talking on speaker to a phone that was six feet away and wrapped in a wet towel, and I remember getting mad about the sound so I tried to turn up the radio but in my ride I have to reach way down to get to the volume, and I was driving on a winding road out in The County, and I kept reaching my arm down and my head would go toward the steering wheel and then I would have to use the steering wheel, because Safety First, typically the more you steer the car the better, which meant I'd have to raise my head, and then my hand would slip off the toggle-volume thing which is this teeny-weeny little bump on my Kenwood, and then I'd have to start the process all over again until I realized C4 sounded all five by five and Mosby was muffled.

So I listened harder and C4 asked District 7's Mosby what he thought about hiring that guy who they (and you know who They are) brought in from Glen Burnie or whatever to run the Police Department, making Kevin Davis, Interim Commissioner, not-Interim anymore, and Mosby was against it. The reason he gave was kinda political, but also made a lot of sense for the City. Nick Mosby said, basically, why would you make this guy not-Interim when we have Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Mayor (, who's not gonna come back for another Mayoralty, and she's the one who brought him on, and who knows what the next Mayor is gonna do, and you're kinda taking a decision away from Next Mayor, and also, when the City hires somebody to be Commissioner, they are obligated to provide a six-year contract, and again, why do that when the Mayor only has 15 months or so to be Mayor? And what's up with this six-year contract?

So it just seemed to me that Nick Mosby is thinking stuff all the way around, and sure, if he's thinking he's gonna be Mayor, maybe he doesn't want this guy Davis on board, but at the very least he'd want to be able to make the decision instead of having to decide to fire the guy and let the Taxpayers eat the contract, you know? It just seemed very logical, and I like the Thought Process.

Also I should Disclose that I asked Nick Mosby on Twitter about the basketball hoop in the park near my house and he connected me with the person who was gonna fix it, and they fixed it, but then it got knocked down again, and fixed, and knocked down, and I bet it's because even though there are also baseball fields, and a Police Athletic League, and a playground, and people walking dogs all the time in this area, I Believe there's people who live near the park who think a basketball hoop will attract trouble, as opposed to giving kids something to do.

SPECIAL PROGRAMMING NOTE: I would like to thank everyone who has expressed their support and positivity in regard to my recent major score of a Quarter of a Million Dollars (before taxes) on television's "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." There will be a Public screening of the three episodes Friday, Oct. 2, 6-9 p.m. at Baltimore's Ottobar, 2549 N. Howard St.,, free admission, cheap drinks. I'll let you know when the check clears. Thank you.


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