Betsy DeVos
(Alex Fine)

↑ CASA de Maryland

Last week, right as an eager Attorney General Jeff Sessions—a longtime opponent of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program—announced Trump's decision to repeal DACA, which temporarily protects people who arrived in the U.S. as children, CASA de Maryland and other immigrants' rights activists took to the streets in D.C. to protest. In the wake of this news CASA de Maryland has also been pushing Congress to "do the right thing and pass a clean Dream Act so that the more than 800,000 young Americans that qualify, can continue working, studying and contributing to the strength of this country." Let's hope Congress uses these next six months wisely and listens to these folks feverishly pushing for immigrants' rights.


↑ Ravens

The season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals on the road was seen as a test for a Ravens team that has seen its fair share of injuries, including the loss of quarterback Joe Flacco for the entire preseason. The Ravens passed with flying colors, winning 20-0 in a commanding performance. Flacco managed the game just fine, and running backs Terrance West and Javorius Allen both adequately carried the load in the backfield. The real star was the dominating defense that forced five turnovers and made Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton's day a living hell. Up next is the Cleveland Browns at M&T Bank Stadium, and anyone who watched Week 1 can't help but feel this is the start of something special.

↓ University Of Baltimore

So Department of Education head Betsy DeVos, whose achievements thus far include announcing a review of campus sexual assaults to benefit the accused, ending regulations to protect student borrowers, and pushing school choice, has accepted an invitation to give a speech at the University of Baltimore's fall commencement on Dec. 18. City Paper quickly heard from a couple faculty members who were shocked and angered by the decision, which was apparently done without telling students or staff ahead of time. Swiftly, Student Government President Mariame Dangnokho released a letter saying that student leaders were not part of the selection process. A petition has been started asking University of Baltimore President Kurt Schmoke to open up the selection process, and walkout protests happened last Monday in the afternoon and evening. UB should make alternative plans.

↓ Canton

The city's southeastern hub of gentrification and white panic upped the stakes last week when one resident started a GoFundMe campaign to bring in armed guards for eight-hour shifts. Look, we know crime is bad, and yes, other neighborhoods such as Charles Village and Mount Vernon hire unarmed security to patrol the streets at night. But bringing in a band of vigilante off-duty cops is a truly horrible idea that will likely only result in racial profiling and tragedy. The plan fell apart once the security company backed out after getting calls from the press, though the campaign did receive $6,400 after a couple days. The organizer has said he is talking with other companies and "the idea is not dead." It should be.

↓ Ray Lewis

Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis has inserted himself into the drama surrounding Colin Kaepernick, and in the latest installment he said the Ravens were close to signing Kaep before his girlfriend, Nessa Diab, tweeted a photo likening Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to the house slave and slave owner in the movie "Django Unchained." First of all, this sounds like a bullshit attempt by Lewis to save face for the team and himself. If it's true, then the Ravens organization looks ridiculous for being scared off by a meme. The national media has a weird habit of casting Lewis as the unofficial spokesman for black Baltimore, and his strange logic regarding Kaepernick's protest and self-aggrandizement show it is a role he was never fit for to begin with.