The Mail: 9/9-9/16

Editor's Note: Due to early press deadlines, Murder Ink does not appear in this week's issue. All of the information can be found on An up-to-date version of Murder Ink will appear in issue 38.


WLOY Loyola Radio plays lots of local artists, books local artists for free shows at Loyola, books local artists for the stage it runs at Honfest, and tries very hard to make sure at least Loyola students know about Baltimore bands... Wing Dam is playing on campus for free on the 17th, for example. The station tries to make sure local artists are represented well to the students and supported in the community.

—"Jack Wolfman," Sept. 4

In Baltimore yes, too many hoops and hurdles to get a live entertainment license. @BaltoBeerBaron

—"@SmaltimoreMD," Sept. 5

This "justice" system would be doing nothing about a murder if protesters--almost all working Marylanders--we're not keeping the pressure on.

—"Vince Gay, Sept. 3

Maryland system of governance and politics has always seemed to be the equivalent of an emotional crap shoot. Anyone who has lived in the city, or state for that matter, for a substantial period of time and still is loyal to right or left political factions is part of the problem. This sort of has nothing to do with this and at the same time has everything to do with it.

—"Charles Fletcher," Sept. 3

Good...we get to hear the story six times. The truth has to come out sometime. The process will lead to growth. So grateful the motion to recuse Marilyn Mosby was denied.

—"Lisa Landsman," Sept. 2

Doesn't this open up the possibility that some of the lesser charged officers will plea out of jail time for testimony against the others?

—"David Markland," Sept. 3


Spoke with a MICA professor a couple weeks ago who said he always tells his students they should never go out of the MICA bubble.

—"Tom Orth," Sept. 3

@JohnsHopkins unsolicited advice 2 new JHU ugrads is get a running group & explore city. How I fell 4 Bmore and found my home.

—"@eric_hontz," Sept. 4

At very least, he needs a check up. Changes in behavior like this may have a physical reason.

—"Lynda Gomeringer," Sept. 1

Their chilaquiles (on the brunch menu) is outrageously delicious.

—"@annmariebrok," Sept. 5