Correction: A caption with the story "The Resnickssance: Exploring the Wham City and Adult Swim connection" misspelled Connor M. Kizer's last name. City Paper regrets the error.

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I'm a cat. But even I can see many of yall some disgusting racist shitbags. It is possible to be concerned bout dirt bikes and not cheer a child getting hit by a car. Surely you all are capable of such nuanced thought.

—"Wendall Poison-Ellis," Aug. 31

If you read the article, you'll see that the kids on bikes were being pursued by the officer for illegally riding. Do I condone him getting hit? NO. Of course not. Should he have STOPPED for the cop? YES. Should the cop have been more careful? YES. Both sides were wrong here, stop the trash talk and instead become more involved in your community and HELP the issue instead of hating your fellow FB users.

—"Lauren Jordan," Aug. 31

City Paper, come on now. Don't turn into BrooklynVegan. Journalists cover musicians, not a pseudo-intellectual group of elitists who perform social experiments on other pseudo-intellectual groups of elitists.

P.S. I'm actually Beach House's biggest fan.

—"Julie Isabel Cohen," Aug. 28

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! I didn't know Midtown closed. That bacon marmalade was everything.

—"Daryl Martin Blackwell," Aug. 27

I guess they couldn't get past their first-round loss in the BBQ vs Pit Beef bracket.

—"Ryan McCaroll," Aug. 27


Well the chef is a genius with the veggies.

—"Author Kirby Elaine," Aug. 26

I can't say enough good things about this place. Excellent!

—"@Jaredmackley," Aug. 28

The only competition is between Dixon and Blake. Everyone else is the equivalent of Alan Keyes.

—"Chris Plummer," Aug. 26

Baby Jesus was swole as fuck damn.

—"Russell Curtis," Aug. 25

Is "jesuses" the right plural of "jesus" or is it "jesi"? ;P

—"@dylan_k," Aug. 26

When the European community got tight with money in the mid 1800s and had the fire sale on their treasured historic artifacts, they were going to hold on to the pretty, pleasing stuff as long as they could and sell the ugly unappealing crud to unwitting American robber barons who had no taste and no class. William Walters and his son, Henry, were the prime example of this. Although, I'll always appreciate Henry's predilection for Faberge eggs.

—"Cham 101," Aug. 29

Thank you for supporting live music Baltimore City Paper!

—"King Giant," Aug. 25

no :(

—"@LEGSPGH," Aug. 31

City Paper is really starting to support all lawlessness in Baltimore. Dirt Bikes, Horse Riding, Fire Hose Slashing and the list goes on and on.

—"Leonard Manz," Aug. 26

I think they are trying to point out how the state does so much for horses and so little for the low income residents of the city... the article mentions how " lot of our tax money goes toward helping out the beleaguered horse industry." not being able to provide a safe an legal place for these guys to do their thing is a bit whack.

—"Patrick Turner," Aug. 26

The manure can be stockpiled at Calvert and Centre Street!

—"Marty Kircher," Aug. 27