The Mail: 8/26-9/2

Remembering Neely Snyder

I wanted to reach out to you after reading your story on your experiences as the editor of City Paper, which included a remembrance of Neely Snyder (City Squeeze, Issue 33). One of my staff, Henriette Taylor, LGSW, was the "teacher" who delivered backpacks to Mr. Snyder and his children. Taylor, as she is known, is the community school coordinator at The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary school in Upton/Druid Heights. She works for us [University of Maryland School of Social Work] through an initiative called Promise Heights. She worked closely with Neely and had only just spoken with her about scheduling trips for our students and families during SY2016. Taylor is devastated, personally, by the loss, of course, but also professionally. This work is hard, harder than one can imagine beforehand. People like Neely make it that much easier. Her perspective was that we owed it to children and families to do our jobs well, with compassion, and with love for community. She made a simple trip a few miles from home into an amazing experience for children who might not otherwise have access to those experiences. Our work with the amazing staff at Pearlstone continues, but Neely will be missed. We thank her for all she did for our kids.


"[T]he good and the great that touches all of our lives amid the tragedy, the misery, and the trenchant problems that plague us."


Rachel Donegan, Program Director, Promise Heights


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Well said Mrs. Heinrich I appreciate the work you did with me, while I was your student and all that you do for our youth now!

—"jcarr060624," Aug. 20

I'm sure the FOP3 will find a way to claim even this as a justifiable shooting and demonize Mosby in 40 characters or less.

—"Dave Marcoot," Aug. 20

Yeah! - and stop building stupid hotels that ruin the view.

—"Keenan Shoyer Courtland," Aug. 19


I think these changes sound good. An open concourse is something that ages Camden Yards. To remove some seats (and I'm sure they'll limit the number as much as possible because each seat is very valuable) for a view from the concourse sounds great to me. Not to mention, the O's have some of the cheapest ticket prices in the league. It's not going to affect prices or availability.

—"Tyler Heck," Aug. 20

Do we really need three party decks? Are they trying to make Oriole Park a spring break destination? We have a beautiful ballpark and these changes will destroy the sight lines. Worst idea since they built that damn hotel and ruined my view of the Bromo tower. Except for the home plate club - no problem with making those rich bastards pay more money for their seats.

—"Michael Anderson," Aug. 20

I find open concourses gimmicky & lame.They'd be taking out terrace box seats with some of the best perspectives in the stadium.

—"@MugwumpsDudes," Aug. 21

home plate clubs make me barf

—"@2Zuethes," Aug. 21

Brandon Scott is ready to lead.

—"Jared T. Fischer," Aug. 19

I like a nice fountain every now and again, but this one is always filthy.

—"Tracy Belaski," Aug. 19

A fountain is a nice idea but brutalist architecture is never attractive.

—"Timothy Frost," Aug. 19

Aw this is one of my favorite and has for a long time.

—"Jes Shughrue," Aug. 19

Well that really stinks. I love it and I love pointing it out to others!

—"Beth Callen," Aug. 19

Always loved the paths under the falls, esp as a child. And excuse to lean over and cool off on a summer's day.

—"@sarahquaint," Aug. 21

Great job. Thanks for all the work during the uprising.

—"Alex Rediger," Aug. 18

I'm so sorry to hear that their new format didn't work out. And offering unauthorized video recording services to unsuspecting patrons sounded so promising...

—"Lisa Landsman," Aug. 19

Pay attention to your game.

—"Mary Pizzica," Aug. 17

I bet the Mexican border is a huge issue to football coaches in Maryland... Lord knows Maryland and Mexico are like, right next to each other....

—"Mae Puckett," Aug. 17

If only the Ravens were as concerned with domestic violence as they are with border security.

—"James Thieman," Aug. 17

We could pay for it with the newly collected tax money from the NFL! Also divert those dollars we pay for stadiums into the wall too! Yay good idea, coach!

—"Justin Metzger," Aug. 17

The OG b could have worked as junk-food journo for commuters. But Baltimore doesn't really have those.

(That was what alts were worried about at the time: commuter dailies.)

—"@pureherringbone," Aug. 18


I am a 64 year old white man, part-time musician (sax, clarinet) somewhat familiar with the Baltimore area jazz scene. Many bands here are all-white or all-black. Some are integrated and my impression is that that is sometimes a conscious intention of their leaders. To some extent black & white musicians operate in different circles and don't even know about each other, which is discouraging and possibly to the detriment of some potential musical developments. There is some integration via jam sessions, which helps. There are some Baltimore-based jazz artists with national or international reputations, including Lafayette Gilchrist, Warren Wolf, Tim Green, Larry Willis, Craig Alston, Maysa, Todd Marcus. All of these folks are black but Todd.

—"bobboj," Aug. 19