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I just finished reading through "Boss Hög: Larry Hogan has Baltimore right where he wants it" (Feature, July 7) and was sadly disappointed in the journalistic failure presented.


With a little basic research you would have learned that the State of Maryland owns no roadways in the City of Baltimore, save for I-95, I-395, I-895, and I-695, all of which are owned by the Maryland Transportation Authority and funded with toll revenue. All other state-signed, U.S.-signed, and interstate-signed roads in the city are owned and operated by the City Department of Transportation. This is why the city would not have been shown on the map. None of the state-owned highways that are part of the network overseen by Maryland State Highway Administration actually enter the city.

Therefore the lack of the city as part of the $2 billion transportation projects (specifically these were all State Highway Administration projects and did not include Maryland Aviation Administration, Maryland Port Administration, Maryland Transit Administration, and Maryland Transportation Authority) is not surprising. Also left out were all the county departments of transportation.

The rest of the article was drib-drab opinions not supported by facts. It was dull, boring, and tedious. There were lots of complaints about how the governor broke the "rules," though I doubt the same lament would be made if roles were reversed.

And then you trot out the old line about funding cuts to the schools, ignoring that even still Baltimore spends the most money per pupil than any other jurisdiction. You should have the best outcomes, but you don't. Ever wonder why budget cuts lead to staff loss of non-educators at North Avenue and not educators? Perhaps you should. I'm all for spending more on city schools, but if it isn't going to push down the class sizes to help create better outcomes, it is a waste.

This used to be a good paper, full of good investigations into waste and abuse by the government. Now you have fallen in line with your corporate overlords with little criticism of Democrats and heaping on Republicans without thoughtful analysis from multiple angles.

You are failing the city and it is disappointing.

Dave Heckman

Bel Air

Correction and Clarification: A story last week about a neighborhood watch in Mount Clare ("Eyes on the Street," Mobtown Beat, Aug. 5) misidentified the neighborhood where a murder happened. The 1900 block of Wilhelm Street is in Carlton Ridge, adjacent to Mount Clare. City Paper regrets the error. The same story could be read to imply that a man called "Taco" was the shooter in a video supplied by a witness. Taco was not the shooter.

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Say Whaaaat!!! Nikolai & The IRON Sheik!!! Sweeeeet memories!!

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Who are we kidding? The governor who slashed millions of dollars from Baltimore schools -- who literally excised Baltimore from the map of the state when it came to transportation spending— has no interest in improving education. This is about allowing the for-profits greater room to privatize the State's schools.

—"Meredith Hunter," Aug. 5

@rmc031 @city_paper Some charter schools in Baltimore need to close or be disrupted. I wish I could create my own tech charter school.

—"@eclubproject," Aug. 5

If you aren't willing to follow the law yourself, then you can't demand a role in making the law for everyone else, which is what you do when you vote. The right to vote can be restored to felons, but it should be done carefully, on a case-by-case basis after a person has shown that he or she has really turned over a new leaf, not automatically on the day someone walks out of prison—and certainly not when they haven't even finished serving probation and parole! After all, the unfortunate truth is that most people who walk out of prison will be walking back in.

—"RogerClegg," Aug. 7

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Where are the rallies for peace???

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Huh, another shitty restaurant in yuppie canton with a ridiculously stupid ironic name…

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