The Mail: 8/5-8/12

Issue is law enforcement, not race

This letter is in response to the "Batts and BPD's racism" (The Mail, July 29) letter I read in last week's edition. I agree that at one point this was a racism issue, but in 2015 it's a law enforcement issue. The police are violating people of every race, and as a matter of fact, I can tell you from experience sometimes the black officers are worse than the white ones. I've been stopped and searched for no reason by city officers many times, and once a black officer threatened to make up a reason to arrest me. You know why? Because when he started illegally searching me I politely said "I haven't done anything wrong." Also most whites are not racist, and just because a white person does something doesn't mean it's rooted in racism. For all you know "Bob" isn't a racist, he's just an asshole.


Roger Thomas


Editor's Note: Congratulations to Charcoal Deli (22 Church Lane, Cockeysville, [410] 666-3730, for winning the BBQ vs. Pit Beef Bracket, and thanks to everyone who voted.

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Wha? I live a couple of blocks from there and had no idea. Thanks for letting us know CP!

— "Heather Graham," July 30

So typical. sigh

—"Megan McShea," July 31

I don't see why people would bicker about using an electric slicer or not— you need an electric slicer to get those slices where "the flavor can't hide" as Kramer said on Seinfeld. Thick sliced pit beef is on its way to being in a roast beef sandwich.

— "Chris Plummer," July 30

Man, I swear there was a brown person on that panel. All right, only slightly irrelevant: It's a cliche that people read publications in which they see people like themselves. People will want to write for publications in which they recognize themselves. I know your paper covers many communities, but when I look at the ads on this website, I see an awful lot of blonde, young white women. Do you think this might reflect the changes you mentioned in the staff?

—"D. Brian," July 31


"Rapper G-Rock shot and killed"

Dudes be loving the streets so much but never get back half the love. R.I.P.

—"Simeon Ainsworth," July 31

People just can't stand to see a man rise.

—"StJohn Blondell," July 31

Hey Brandon... Seems you left out the info on his larger and arguable more successful career as a heroin dealer. Or is that some how irrelevant? No one is going to "get back the love" from the streets when heroin rules those streets more than music. Plain and simple.

—"Andrew Timleck," July 31

@andrew once a dealer doesn't mean you always will be. Unless you been hungry, homeless, or in despair, your comment is a one sided view.

—"Shawniece Smith," Aug. 1

Being gluten free for over 5 years, I live to support the businesses you mentioned. The best gluten-free pizza I have found in the Baltimore area is California Pizza Kitchen. No cardboard crust here: it has a nice chew and the sauce is robust.

Try Canyon Bakehouse for delicious bread too. No more Udi's.

—"BaltGF," July 30

Forgot to mention that California Pizza Kitchen has a GIG certified kitchen and seperate prep area and toppings. They take the utmost care in preventing cross contamination. You may also like the pizza at One Dish Cuisine: 100 percent gluten-free rest[aurant] in Ellicott City.

—"BaltGF," July 30

While I'm sure the results were tasty enough, grilling or sauteeing anything over high heat does not result in barbecue, no matter how much sauce you mix in.

—"The Barbecue Fiend," July 29

How did Boog's beat pioneer? Pioneer is the best pit beef there is.

—"John Santoro," July 30

Andy Nelson's out in round 1? That is completely insane!

—"Gary Sever," July 30

Baltimore's perfect convention—shame on the city for not doing more to retain this wonderful event.

—"John Schratwieser," July 28

Dull songwriting from MMJ? Meanwhile my wife and I were trying to be respectful and not laugh at the repetitive "Super 8" lyrics spewing from the stage.

Your cheap ploy to get noticed by offending readers may have just worked in this instance. Well done.

—"m.suley," July 27

Jim James uses dusty cliches? hey pot, meet kettle.

—"shf900000," July 27

He plays a Duesenberg and not a Les Paul but I totally agree with the review of last nights show. MMJ didn't do much for me. I wish Isbell played Teach Me How To Forget off of the new album but his set was awesome.

—"Keith Webb," July 27

I was in the pit for both and Jim James takes the cake.

—"Ryan Hellman," July 28