The Mail 7/29/15

Batts' and BPD's Racism

After reading the letter by Darrell Simon (The Mail, July 22), it made me wonder why simple-minded black people in Baltimore would trust a black man like Anthony Batts who would embrace racist white police officers who have been tormenting blacks for decades. If Batts is as educated as Simon says he is, why can't Batts see the racism in the police department? We simple-minded blacks know that racism is a way of life for a large percentage of white Americans. It is so widespread and deep-seated that it is difficult to see, especially in the police department because they will deny it—even though black police offers have the vanguard to prove it.


Leo A. Williams


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She is still culpable for the previous evictions. Just horrendous, irresponsible and heartless.

—"Dave Marcoot," July 24

Weird because there is already a sci-fi comic themed restaurant one block away.

—"April Pink," July 25

Thank you PRINCE. Great representation of honoring Mr Gray and our city's issues.

—"Deborah Riddick," July 22

Change the name, but not to Lake Roland Park. The Roland Park Company and the neighborhood it created has an ugly history of racist and antisemitic restrictive covenants, which set the national standard for privately enforced housing segregation.


—"Owen O'Silverman-Alsberg," July 22

REL didn't live, work or train there. He didn't grow up there or die there. It seems stupid to honor someone who took up arms against our nation with such a peaceful place.

—"Lynda Gomeringer," July 21

Having a long drawn out debate about renaming the park is just as stupid and a waste of time as the long debate about taking down the confederate flag. Bree Newsome took care of that! Just take the damn thing down, and just rename the park. Now stop wasting time on things that do not benefit the struggling families in Baltimore and do something that might really serve them! If the powers that be in Baltimroe really give a damn about the people who live there, (which is sadly debateable) then feed them, supply adequate housing, money for education, health care, jobs, etc. You can put up all the new signs you want, and then feel all puffed up and proud of yourself, pretending you really did something important, but the fact remains that there are kids going hungry and families struggling to make it day to day, while you look the other way, from your position of white privilege and do nothing.

—"Allison Harris," July 21

.@city_paper Spent tons of time there as kidding in late 60s/mid70s--fishing, exploring, boating--and only ever heard it called Lake Roland

—"@deankrimmel," July 20

The stupidly named park is more accurate. Given Confederates threatened to burn Marylander homes in exchange for ransom when they realized they were not southern sympathizers, it's a wonder it ever was allowed to be named after the treasonous general to begin with.

—"Dave Marcoot," July 20

I will guess that the name will be changed because it will be a popular thing to do, and it won't make one bit of difference in race relations in Baltimore or anywhere else. I always thought that it was odd that a park in Baltimore would be named that, but I never heard anyone state that they were offended by it in any way until the start of the recent anti-anything-conferate fervor.

—"Ted Winter," July 21

Why are we fighting each other in the streets? Why don't we get together as one, put down our weapons and change this country!?

—"@phil5388," July 26

It's such a BITTERsweet thing. You know, to say "only five people lost their lives to violence" this week.

—"Beth Callen," July 23

Shame on you Berger.

—"Mary Pizzica," July 22

Isn't most of Al Jolson's demographic already dead?

—"Matt Gonter," July 22

Bobby's act was offensive 40 years ago, too.

—"Wayne Clark," July 22

"Speech-writing gig for Attorney General Eric Holder," Nuff said ! I don't care how gay he is. I ain't votin' for him. He works for the evil forces.

—"Wayne Clark," July 22

@gorelickingood @city_paper any chance of another one in Baltimore, maybe more centrally located?

—"@SoBoKevin," July 25

@SoBoKevin @city_paper open to anything I think. Check out Tony Luke's for comparison. Same management co.

—"@gorelickinggood," July 25