A note on the count: Last week's Murder Ink count was long by one, because of a data error. A correction online incorrectly stated it was off by two, by erroneously removing Szki Wright from the count because her mother had been charged with manslaughter. That post has been corrected again. City Paper apologizes for the confusion. For more on how this seemingly simple job of counting the city's murders can be complicated, see the first update at the bottom of this column.

Eight more people were added to the murder count this week, including one man who was shot in 2005 and died last year; police also shot a man to death who they say was firing a semi-automatic rifle at them. There was a hostage standoff in a Burger King that was resolved peacefully. Judge Barry Williams acquitted Lt. Brian Rice of all charges relating to Freddie Gray's death in police custody in April of 2015. Various protests continue.


Monday, July 11

4:32 p.m. Robert Mcintosh, a 31-year-old African-American man, was on the 500 block of Dolphin Street in the Upton neighborhood when someone shot him. Medics got him to a hospital, where he died the next day.

Tuesday, July 12

9:25 p.m. Johnny Timmons, a 39-year-old African-American man, was sitting at the wheel of a black Acura on the 2800 block of Ashland Avenue in the Madison Eastend neighborhood when someone shot him in the head and torso, and shot the 50-year-old man in the passenger seat in the belly. Both men were hospitalized. Timmons died. He had resided on the 1100 block of Darley Avenue.

Wednesday, July 13

12:48 a.m. Just over three hours and a mile from the last murder, Melvin Dino Brown, Jr., a 48-year-old African-American man, was shot in the head on the 1500 block of N. Washington Street. He died there. Brown had resided on the 1700 block of N. Milton Avenue.

11:39 p.m. A 57-year-old man who police have not yet further identified publicly was on the 3700 block of St. Margaret Street in Brooklyn when someone shot him in the chest twice. He died at a hospital.

Thursday, July 14

1:26 p.m. Donte Terrell Harris, a 33-year-old African-American man, was on the 3100 block of Ferndale Avenue in Howard Park when someone shot him and another man he was with. While police rushed to the scene, Harris drove a car to the loading dock at the back of a hospital, where a security guard found him behind the wheel, unresponsive. He died there. Police arrived just as the other man walked into the front door of the hospital. Harris lived on the 800 block of N. Luzerne Avenue.

Saturday, July 16

6:15 a.m. A man who police have not yet further identified publicly was shot in the head on the 1400 block of Retreat Street in the Penn North neighborhood. Medics were working on the man when police arrived. The man was already dead. He was the third person killed in Penn North so far this year.

3:28 p.m. A 24-year-old woman whose name police have not yet released publicly walked into Harbor Hospital with a gunshot wound and died a short time later. She had been shot in the chest. Police say the woman was inside a vehicle on the 600 block of Maude Avenue when someone rolled up in a brown or maroon-colored Honda, got out, shot her, and fled in the Honda. Hers was the second murder in Brooklyn this week, and the sixth this year.


On October 17, 2005, Andre Grice, a 19-year-old African-American man, was on the 3800 block of Boarman Avenue when someone shot him and another person, who died at the scene. Grice was found dead on August 10, 2015 in his home on the 6900 block of Glenheights Road. An autopsy, completed in February of 2016, attributed his death to the injuries he sustained in the 2005 shooting. Police informed the media of this on July 12, 2016, and so Andre Grice is added to this week's murder count.


Police have identified the person killed on July 10 on the 600 block of E. Patapsco Avenue as William Johnson, a 49-year-old African-American man.