Baltimore City Power Rankings: Pugh and Davis' rhetoric fails, Pride reinvented, Rod Rosenstein under Trump's thumb, more

Rosenstein and Trump
(Alex Fine)

↑ Pride

This year Pride move to the Station North/Old Goucher area and felt more alive, exciting, and inclusive. Mount Vernon still got a glimpse of Pride thanks to the parade—shout out to, among others, the Baltimore Transgender Alliance and the Answer Coalition for decorating a car with signs that read "Justice For Philando Castile"—and related events, but what followed was a weekend of Pride partying that peaked on Saturday night with a wild and very, very loud (in a good way) performance by New Orleans bounce legend Big Freedia. Along with satellite shows, including drag performances and non-stop parties at the Crown, a few resource areas, and then a whole other day over at Druid Hill Park, it was the first time in a while that Pride hasn't felt like a moderately lit Artscape and instead like something distinctly Baltimore.


↓ Orioles

While the recent offensive barrage against the St. Louis Cardinals gives the Orioles new hope, May was a dismal month for the club and June has so far been just as discouraging. The woeful season has included a six-game losing streak in May, including back-to-back sweeps against the Minnesota Twins and Houston Astros, and one seven-game losing streak in June highlighted by a completely awful series in the Bronx during which the Yankees outscored the O's 38-8. Save for Dylan Bundy and, if we're being generous, Wade Miley, the starting rotation has been a disaster, taking the team out of games almost as soon as they start. Putting all that doom and gloom aside, things are far from over for the Birds. As of Monday, they find themselves a game out of the Wild Card and 4.5 games out of the division. To climb the standings, they'll have to get their shit together, though.

↓ Rod Rosenstein

The Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America has reportedly spoken to colleagues about possibly recusing himself from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump/Russia investigation. In one sense this is straightforward: As the author of a memo that provided a pretext for President Donald Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey, Rosenstein is a potential witness. But nothing here is straightforward: Trump is reportedly looking to fire Mueller as well; Rosenstein told Senators last week that only he could do that and he had no intention of doing so. This would not be true were he to recuse himself; the next in command, Rachel Brand, would then oversee Mueller's work. Not that long ago, Rosenstein was known for his integrity—this is what happens when you join Team Trump.

↓ Commissioner Kevin Davis

Baltimore's out-of-control murder rate makes the Baltimore Police Commissioner really, really angry, and he's really, really trying to stem the city's violence, but he's overmatched. Davis announced last week that he'll be mandating 12-hour patrol shifts for all available police, he canceled leave and vacation, and it's all the same stuff he's been doing for years. His officers are worn down and cranky, and police who feel this way do not do their best work. The department feels as if it's on the verge of mutiny, and meanwhile, the killings just continue.

↓ Catherine Pugh

As Davis struggles to get a handle on his own department and the city's burgeoning crime, the mayor announces ribbon cuttings, playground dedications, buy-local efforts, a forensic accounting of police overtime, and an after-work concert. She announces a half-day "resource fair" for June 10, "calling upon every citizen, visitor, investor, & Business owner to fervently engage in actions that will help dramatically reduce crime in our city," and says ridiculous stuff about how the city needs to pray. And that's on top of broken promises such as raising the minimum wage or her caving on bike lanes—important issues that, it should be noted, relate to rising homicide rates and problems in the city because they prevent people from making a living wage and access. Six people were murdered between Monday night and Tuesday morning, June 13, and Pugh was touting a water tank installation at Druid Lake.