Three Poems
Photo by Maya Martinez

Every Rib You Eat is A Consequence

google search "latex forearm"


and then

google search "the soft vulnerable part"

every poem I write is actually a better subtweet

than maybe anything I would actually subtweet

And every subtweet is just like me

wanting you to give me all of your attention

until I feel 100% validated

I mostly just want people to think the rib sauce

I spilled on my bed is my blood or something cool

But It is just dried rib sauce in my sheets

Florida is Mostly Jello

pythons are infesting the everglades

I say "I am going to masturbate when you leave"

I lay in your bed and pretend I am not anywhere


I am letting the idea of you sit on my face

the fuck when

you writhe in tension with someone

I heard one time that a python killed the neighbor's puppy

Later that night you pretend to be a python

you wrap around me tightly

you can get wet from constriction

I am going to let you kill me ok?

Salty Lady

She likes to slide down slowly

with "goddess" tramp stamping

A lobbyist calls me Venus, an image that doesn't exist

my small tan body floated face down in the ocean

I can count the pretty white shells

in the future you will collect them

and find my Mexican carcass by mistake

men make paintings about women in white shells

I bleach my hair and know esperanza is crying

a cheap imitation but a "good try" nonetheless

Maya Martinez is a bitter side chick who grew up in the middle of nowhere Florida.