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The Mail: 2/24-3/2

Putting CP On Blast

Is this really the best you can do? How much did Ed Hale pay for this drivel? No Murder Inc., No Power Rankings and no Mr. Wrong! The Calvert Street Corporate Boys have finally taken over. CP should just put on a sun dress and get ready for the Flower Mart coverage.


C. D. Wilmer



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"Edward Snowden is doing a video chat hosted by Hopkins. Surely he hasn't forgotten about their NSA work"

[Applied Physics Laboratory] contracts with all kinds of private and public organizations. They build missiles, they build spy shit, they build advanced prosthetics for amputees, and they develop scientific instruments and space vehicles for NASA, among other things. They work with a lot of people, not just the NSA.

Don't you think it's useful for Snowden to talk to Hopkins students? If Hopkins is so bad, wouldn't it behoove Snowden to help the students and faculty there understand how to behave ethically, both in and outside the university system?

I suppose it's easier to just be a dramatic cynic and turn a press release into a haughty news article so you don't have to investigate anything.

—"Peter Willis," Feb. 17

"Traffic Jam Jimmy is still up to the same McDonald's bullshit"

They should go down to Red Emma's and get some literature. A lot of security gaurds are unionized.


—"tbyewell," Feb. 17

Ian and his fellow slaves need a union. Jimmy or McDonald's could care less...I bet the 1 percent at said institution are living like fat cats— typical oligarchy.

—"Thebrainhasnofirewall," Feb. 17

He's approaching Peyton Manning levels of shameless product peddling.

—"Angelo Manuel," Feb. 17

Did you know that a year ago John Shields (Gertrudes, BMA) chimed in on McDonalds, supported their fish filet sandwich? I smell a conspiracy!


—"David Mathie Bersch," Feb. 18

"Baltimore Blast: Out to win—and win you over"

Hope you know what you're doing Mr. Hale, & I hope 1 of those AHL cities is Cleveland. Reunite the Force & Blast

—"@JimVilk," Feb. 17

@douglasmintz @justin_fenton @city_paper @BaltimoreBlast omg I can't believe they are still around. We had season tickets in the '80s

—"@DrJaimeFriedman," Feb. 16