Pour some Tej

Your Feb. 3 piece about mead (Eats and Drinks) fell short in not mentioning the Ethiopian national drink Tej.


I encountered Tej while working at the now-defunct Red Sea Restaurant on Madison Avenue in Mount Vernon.

Tej is sweet but crisp and—caution here!—about as strong as, say, sherry or port ("fortified wines" are well named).

Tej is doubtless found at major liquor stores and the several good Ethiopian resaurants that grace our fair city. A word to the wise is: enough but don't "guzzle" Tej and then drive. Those fine restaurants want you back again.

Thomas L. Fox


Not every CP reader is a kinkster

I'm disappointed (with last week's cover image). You do realize that not all of the people who read the City Paper are single and childless, right? I won't be bringing your paper into my house anymore or picking it up at all, since I'm not your target audience. Good lord, have some decency.

Siiri Poldmae


From the Web, Facebook, and Twitter

You're a sex blogger and haven't made your own lube (water + xanthan gum = oil-free hypoallergenic customizeable lubrication for pennies on the gallon), nor used actual chip clips as nipple clamps? The strong metal ones with the beefy springs stay on way better than clothespins.

For shame. SHAME!

—"pastyjerk," Feb. 10


"Gay" and "Narcissistic" aren't synonymous. Franco needs to stop trying to stay relevant using shock value already.

—"Lisa Landsman," Feb. 11

I am curious to read this book, but @AnthonyWMoll, your review seems pretty spot on re: seriousness mattering or not & male gaze.

—"@snarkysyntax," Feb. 10

We made it into @city_paper's Sex Issue!

—"@artbma," Feb. 10

This is my favorite review of #UnSlut so far! Thanks to @city_paper for including it in The Sex Issue!

—"@UnSlutProject," Feb. 9