The Mail: 1/20-1/27

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So glad my friends and neighbors will no longer have to see these monuments to their ancestors' oppressors--people who fought for the right of some humans to OWN other humans--on their way to and from work/home/the neighborhood park every day. Hope the Mayor acts swiftly on this.

—"Deborah Buffalin," Jan. 14

Bravo! Finally, a city task force gets something right in deciding to remove racist national villain Roger B. Taney's statue from Mount Vernon Place. Next in the crosshairs? Its bronze twin outside the Maryland Statehouse. That one must be removed as well in a wise official manner, or otherwise. Regardless, it too must go as its removal & destruction is long overdue. Both Taney bronzes with their piercing glass eyes gazing south should be ceremonially melted down & converted into a thematically appropriate object or objects. Any suggestions?

—"Thomas A. Kiefaber," Jan. 14

There shouldn't be any statue, or anything else, memorializing an army of traitors.

—"Thomas Wise," Jan. 15

What I don't understand is the fact that so many men who committed the murders last year and were caught, had long lists of prior crimes. Can you do a report on the judicial system here in Baltimore? Why do they let them off time and time again? Hogan put all this money into jails and withhold education funding. Upside down

—"Kristi Szczepanski," Jan. 13

It's awful how many ppls lives have been devastated by gun violence.

—"@ywilson775," Jan. 14

Bravo on that headline, @city_paper. Stay classy, Baltimore.


—"@ZacharyGallant," Jan. 13