(Sam Holden)

People have been eating out in Baltimore for a long time—since the first inhabitants stumbled upon the fertile land, got hungry, and looked to "grab a bite."

The choices have improved considerably since then. In this year's dining guide, we list over 300 restaurants, from Afghani and Argentinian to Thai and vegetarian, from North, South, East, and West Baltimore, and even into the wild territory beyond (i.e., the Counties), including a roundup of the roving food trucks. The restaurants are listed alphabetically within each neghborhood section and grouped by cuisine.


In addition to the listings, this year's EAT includes an interview with restaurateur and coverboy Tony Foreman, co-founder and -owner of Charleston, Pazo, Petit Louis, Cinghiale, and, as of last year, Johnny's. He's bullish on Baltimore dining, suggesting positive change has accelerated in the last four or five years, as adventurous chefs take the stage: "There's a generation of young people who are saying 'Why not?'"

So, why not go out and EAT, Baltimore? There's a quite a lot out there to try. . .

Restaurant blurbs by Edward Ericson Jr., Jenn Ladd, Evan Serpick, Van Smith, Brandon Weigel, and Baynard Woods. Restaurant photographs by J.M. Giordano, Rarah, Noah Scialom, Josh Sisk, and Jefferson Jackson Steele. Editorial support was provided by Courtney Cousins, Elias DuBose, Ryan Freeman, Mike Kettelberger, Alexa Kwiatkoski, and Brandon Parker under the direction of Jenn Ladd. Cover photograph by Sam Holden with thanks to Chris Keaton at the Baltimore Tattoo Museum, cover model Tony Foreman, and the staff at Johnny's, who are just kidding in the photo, they all love each other.


$ =
  Inexpensive; “entrées” barely crack $10.
$$ =
  Entrées in the $10-$20 range, other than a few specials or the crab cakes.
$$$ =
  Entrées $20 and up.
B =
L =
D =
BR =
  Brunch on weekends.
  The restaurant has no liquor license but allows you to bring your own booze. You may have heard of this.
P =
  On-site parking, i.e. a dedicated lot or garage.
Out =
  Outdoor dining in season. Note: It could be a lovely deck, but it may be just a couple of tables on the sidewalk.
10 p.m. =
  Serves food after 10 p.m. Many local restaurants will serve until 11 p.m. on weekends, but spots bearing this icon go further somehow.
R =
  Reservations are suggested, particularly for weekend dining.
DV =

Delivery to a limited area, though many restaurants that don’t do phone-order delivery use web-based services such as carryout.com.