Superman movie filming in Willis Tower

It was hard to tell what exactly "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder filmed in downtown Chicago on Wednesday, but all signs pointed to the shoot taking place at Willis Tower. Literally.

There were bright signs on the street helping guide cast and crew from the trailers in the 311 S. Wacker parking lot to Willis Towers' entrance on South Franklin Street. A security guard with the Superman reboot confirmed that they were in fact filming inside Willis Tower.

According to Crains, the inside of Willis Tower will serve as the Daily Planet (where Superman's alter ego, reporter Clark Kent, works) and the outside of the Chicago Board of Trade building will serve as the newspaper building's exterior.

As for the parking lot, the only thing visible early in the afternoon was "Man of Steel" actor Laurence Fishburne pulling into the lot and a clothing rack with a "School Bus 1992" sign on it.

Other than that -- and a green truck parked on South Wells Street with a "Serving the Smallville Community Since 1894" sign on it -- it was a mostly quiet shoot. Well, compared to the first day of "Transformers" filming in Chicago.

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