Inside our test kitchen

We check facts on the recipes we publish in Good Eating just like we double-check on every other story. Trib Nation asked a few questions of Tribune Test Kitchen food stylist Corrine Kozlak:

Where do we get the recipes we publish in the Chicago Tribune?

From many sources: Tribune food writers, our roster of regular food columnists, the latest cookbooks, chefs, home cooks and freelance writers. 

How are they tested, and what’s in the kitchen you use? Are the photos in the paper what you and food stylist Lisa Schumacher make?

Most recipes are adjusted in some way, and rewritten to fit our recipe writing style. The Tribune has a test kitchen with the usual household appliances between the business and photo departments in the newsroom. Our test kitchen is one of the few newspaper test kitchens that still exists. Recipes are tested and tasted, then photographed here by photographer Bill Hogan.

What are some of your favorite recipes – and what was it like experimenting with the pie crusts that appear Wednesday?

Although I studied occupational therapy in school, my interest in the art of food drew me to my current line of work. I enjoy learning about food, and I learn something new every week. This week, it was using frozen butter and a food processor to make pie crusts -- when the frozen butter bakes, it creates pockets in the dough, and thus a flakier crust.

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