Aziz Ansari booed at Chicago Theatre for asking 'Who are the Hawks?'

During his early show Wednesday at the Chicago Theatre, comedian Aziz Ansari asked audience members who had recently exchanged numbers with someone to show him their texts with this person. The "Parks and Recreation" star has always seemed to be at his best when he's interacting with the crowd.

Ansari then proceeded to read one young woman’s texts with a man she had met at a bar in Champaign. The exchange wasn’t all that different from the ones many of us in similar positions have had, but watching Ansari read it out loud made it all the more hilarious – especially the late night texts.

When the subject of watching the Hawks came up, Ansari asked in all seriousness “Who are the Hawks? Is that a hockey team?” Some in the crowd took the slight a little too seriously and momentarily booed Ansari, you know, even though he’s not from Chicago and these were the same people who were skipping the Blackhawks playoff game to watch Ansari.

“You wouldn’t believe how little of a (crap) I give right now,” Ansari said in response to the boos.

The confusion did, however, continue a little longer than you would think it would, with Ansari then bringing up the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. Once the South Carolina native realized that Hawks was short for Blackhawks, Ansari joked, “You need to specify the race of your hawk.”

The whole thing was a minor hiccup in an otherwise excellent and surprisingly insightful performance, mostly about love and relationships. The Blackhawks, on the other hand, didn’t fare so well. The Hawks lost 6-2 to the Los Angeles Kings about two and a half miles away at the United Center. | Twitter @TribLuis | Facebook @TribLuis | Instagram @TribLuis

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