17. Mastro's Steakhouse (520 N. Dearborn St.)

Celebs: Kelsey Grammer, Common, Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari, Donovan McNabb, Matt Forte, Patrick Kane, Carlos Boozer, Juwan Howard, Michael Finley, Michael Wilbon, Rahm Emanuel, Greg Olsen, Shaun Livingston, Michael Frolik, Corey Crawford, Kendall Gill Star moment: Rahm Emanuel wasn't the only Chicago mayor in the building when he dined at Mastro's in June. Kelsey Grammer, who plays a fictional Chicago mayor on Starz' "Boss," also happened to be dining in the River North steakhouse that night. "Kelsey went over to his private party and the two chatted for a long time as Rahm gave Kelsey tips on how to play (the role)," said Mastro's director of marketing/PR Liz Gantz by email.
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