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Ralph Fiennes ("Coriolanus") Storyline: Shakespearean tale of a banished Roman general who joins with his enemy to take revenge on his countrymen. "The great moment was my first scene with Vanessa [Redgrave], where she bandages up my wounds in the bathroom. It was quite simple to shoot but she was fantastic. We'd had some discussion, but we just started the scene. She wanted to know exactly how she should bandage it, and then she did this great thing where she puts it around my body, she leans into her son and she says a line. I could just feel her finding these amazing, tiny little nuances that I knew would be huge on film. I suppose that was the bonding moment for me and her. I got very emotional because I'd been wanting to make it for a long time and when she came onto set for the first time and spoke those lines, that was my breakthrough." —Sam Adams

Larry D. Horricks / The Weinstein Co.
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