Under Armour teases cross-promotion with 'The Martian' movie

The Baltimore Sun
Under Armour teasing product placement in The Martian, the upcoming Matt Damon film. #journeytomars

Under Armour is engaged in a teasing bit of cross promotion with the makers of “The Martian,” the upcoming Matt Damon film.

“NASA wanted him. We got him,” the apparel and footwear maker said in a tweet depicting a shadowy figure, presumably Damon.

“The laws of physics were made to be broken,” said another Under Armour tweet.

Both tweets had the hashtag  #JourneyToMars. That’s the same hashtag  used by the film, which opens Oct. 2.

There was more information to be gleaned later Tuesday in a Twitter post on @MartianMovie   -– a slow-motion video of Damon working out.  He’s wearing Under Armour pants and T-shirt.

“Under Armour. Official Training Partner of the Ares Program,” the video says at the end.

In the film, Damon plays an American astronaut in the Ares Program who is left stranded on Mars because his crew thinks he is dead.

We're assured there is more to come Wednesday – and perhaps after that --  in this Under Armour-Martian collaboration.

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