Top Workplaces 2022

No. 1 small Top Workplace 2022: Trust Auto brings together cars, trucks and family

From left, Nicholas Fulton, Yuliya Dromova, Jason Moczulski and Kateryna Kuzminova stand among vehicles for sale at Trust Auto in Sykesville.

As the name suggests, the team at Trust Auto say they have built a business centered around trust and integrity.

Trust Auto is a used car dealership — they prefer the term “pre-owned” nowadays — located in Sykesville that specializes in commercial and luxury vehicles. The business was founded in 2010 in Virginia and 2015 in Maryland by Fred Kurbanov and now has some 50 employees.


“Throughout the years, the company has changed in many ways, but those two values have always been the cornerstones of what Trust really stands for,” said the marketing manager, who goes by Murat B. “Trust employees, and customers are family. It is built on the ideas, culture and diversity of every person that is part of it.”

Nick Zakharyan, the dealership’s director of operations, said they use “360-degree coaching,” which has helped tremendously in employee development and business growth.


“Learning daily from each other’s experience, we chose to believe you learn it to earn it, and you earn it to share it,” he said. “Working together with your fellow teammates makes integration and adoption of the process for each new employee as easy and understandable as possible.”

Even as the business has grown, employees tout its close-knit vibe, noting it still feels like a family.

“Everyone has a place in the company, but the owners and managers know it’s our company as much as theirs,” one employee said in the employee survey responses for Top Workplaces.

“I enjoy working with my team and the culture we have,” said another. “We work hard and achieve a lot. It feels good to accomplish things and we celebrate.”

Another added: “People genuinely care about each other personally and work together as a team. Additionally, the tasks are personally challenging and match my career goals.”

Management will often organize company parties and even the occasional surprise cookout.

“Everyone usually knows if Fred is cooking something because the aroma starts to be felt in the air long before anything is finished,” Zakharyan said, “and you see people coming out just to ask what Fred is making that day.”

The team says there’s a true sense of on-the-job camaraderie.


“It’s a collaboration of different personalities, everyone with their own dreams, goals, aspirations but, at the same time, a mutual goal that the whole family has in their minds, in their hearts,” Zakharyan said. “It is what makes Trust and what can account so much for its success.”

He added: “The best thing about going to work is not feeling like you’re at work. Of course, there are always those moments, but for the most part, Trust feels just like home.”