Top Workplaces 2022

No. 2 midsize Top Workplace: Facet Wealth

Ask Anders Jones, Patrick McKenna or Brent Weiss about the impetus behind Facet Wealth, and the co-founders each cite personal reasons, with similarly unified themes: family.

For McKenna, Facet’s executive chairman, it was protecting his single mother.


“My mom worked at the post office for 34 years and was forced to retire after double knee replacement surgery,” he said. “In retirement [she] was pushed towards a dicey investment by an adviser who stood to earn a fat omission.”

Her son intervened.


“This set me on the path to solving this problem for all the people who are like my mom,” McKenna said.

Weiss, whose title is chief evangelist, noted that his grandfather toiled on a job into his 80s. “He never had a retirement. He worked hard to make sure his children and grandchildren had better lives and opportunities.”

Jones, Facet’s CEO, watched his mother climb the ladder in the financial services sector, and help make 401(k) retirement plans more widely accessible for clients.

“She’s retired now, but I feel like I’m carrying on her legacy of helping people achieve financial wellness,” he said.

The trio joined forces to launch their financial advisory firm in 2016 with the premise that conventional financial planning doesn’t work for everyday folks. Affluent families pay too much and are charged more when their investments increase. Everyday Americans are shut out because they often don’t have enough to invest. Facet’s clients pay a flat annual fee based on the services they need, and build a relationship with their adviser.

Facet opted to shutter its Baltimore office during the coronavirus pandemic, but it has about several hundred employees here in Maryland and nearly 40 other states who work remotely.

Jason McIlwain, product designer, from right, Marcus Hadley, head of product, John Berardi, product manager, and Kim Johnson, product owner, meet at an offsite location for a monthly virtual meeting with Facet Wealth.

“Now that we’re 100% virtual — with no plan to go back to a full office environment — we are doubling down on our commitment to creating an awesome virtual workplace,” Jones said. “We do virtual events every week, lots of structured time, and over-index on communication from the executive team. We’re starting to experiment with in-person gatherings, and more social get-togethers.”

The company offers a wealth of employee benefits — from the usual to equity in the business, pet insurance and unlimited vacation time, within reason, of course.


The founders want to ensure their team has all it needs to remain focused on the company’s mission and core values.

“Our foundation is the belief that financial advice is an essential service,” Jones said. “We want to make unbiased, expert financial advice available to every household, so generations of people can lead fuller and happier lives.”