Top Workplaces 2022

Baltimore’s Top Workplaces, midsize No. 2: Internet Testing Systems challenges and grows its workers

After graduating from high school, Huvie Winchell accepted an internship at Internet Testing Systems, a Baltimore-based firm that manages and delivers online tests.

Thirteen years later, she is now team leader for the firm’s test production department.


“I would love to be one of those employees who can say that she’s stayed at the same workplace her entire career,” Winchell said. “I am actually in the role I am in today because ITS loves training and challenging their employees to be the best they can be.”

ITS President Pat Ward has long supported continuing education and professional development for the company’s employees. A Baltimore City resident, Ward founded ITS in 1997.


“I was already in this testing business, which is where technology is used to deliver tests to people,” he says. “The internet was a change agent. … There were a lot of information management tools that were starting to happen for the first time. I saw the opportunity and started a company.”

Today, ITS has more than 150 employees and delivers testing programs for K-12 schools, colleges, universities and businesses around the world.

The family-owned business (Ward’s wife, Lisa, is the chief operating officer) is also family- and pet-friendly. Employees like Winchell have flexible hours, and dogs are welcome in the Hampden office. The company also encourages community service and hosts social events like annual Halloween costume parades.

Ward said he is especially proud of his company’s diversity. Women make up half the ITS development team.

“I have a lot of faith in the company and the direction we’re headed,” Winchell said. “ITS believes that your family and health come first. I think with that mentality, when you feel so appreciated and respected, you just want to give back more. It’s a happy, positive environment.”