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Baltimore’s Top Workplaces, large No. 1: Support opens doors for Cummings & Co. Realtors

Cummings & Co. Realtor Alison Hudler was visiting her in-laws in Virginia last summer when she received a text from new clients wanting to buy a home — and buy one quickly.

She set up a video call to talk with the couple. Then to help them visit homes, Hudler used Key Transaction Management, a team that works with Cummings & Co. to support agents with handling deals and covers for them as needed for showings and home inspections.


Within four days, the couple made an offer on a house.

“We wrote an offer while I was still away,” Hudler said. “They got their offer accepted, under contract, all while I was out of town. That wouldn’t have happened unless I had Key Transaction Management there to assist.”


The management system is one of several reasons Hudler said she’s glad she switched from her previous real estate team to Cummings & Co., founded in 2006 by Dave Cummings.

With 10 offices in Maryland and Pennsylvania, the fast-growing company now has more than 500 real estate agents. Cummings agents are charged a flat fee of $295 a month, plus another flat fee for each transaction. While that means less money for the company, the model allows agents to invest more in marketing their business and potentially bring in more revenue.

“First and foremost, the model attracted me to Cummings,” said Hudler, who just joined the company in March. “Commission splits were a big deal for me … I wanted to run my business differently. Being able to keep a larger portion of the money I earned, I was able to put that back into my clients and do different things for them.”

Agents say they appreciate the ongoing support they receive from Cummings and fellow agents, especially during the early phases of the pandemic when inventory was tight.

Cummings is readily available by phone or email and frequently hosts social and virtual events to keep agents engaged, said Amy Sadacca, a real estate agent based in the Columbia office. The company also has an internal social media page where agents share tips of the trade and ask questions about everything from transactions and new construction to short sales and social media marketing.

“I feel like the brokerage is more centered around the agents rather than the brokerage,” Sadacca said. “Dave really implements our ideas, and he listens. He’s extremely accessible.”

Earlier this year, Cummings revamped the company website and brought on a new director of transactions and education to offer even more resources to his agents. As broker for the company, Cummings also received his license in Delaware, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The move enables his agents to earn licenses and work in those markets, he said.

“I slowly but surely continue to improve the business each year,” Cummings said. “When the agents make suggestions, I listen.”