Top Workplaces 2022

Midsize workplace | No. 3: McDonogh School

Steve Eno teaching engineering in the McDonogh School's new Fader Innovation Center on campus.

When math teacher Robyn Little wanted to incorporate an interactive device called Nearpod into her classes, she knew her supervisors at McDonogh School would embrace the idea.

“There is a sense that teachers are allowed to take risks — and also teach their students to take risks within their problem solving,” said Little, who teaches in McDonogh’s lower school. “That’s something that is extremely exciting.”


That trust extends beyond innovation and into the day-to-day of the classroom at McDonogh, a highly regarded co-ed private school in Owings Mills with nearly 1,400 students ranging from pre-K through 12th grade.

“I give teachers the framework of content to cover but allow them to be creative — and themselves — as they cover that content,” said Darren Ford, who heads up the middle school. “I’m not going to impose my style on you. Children have a great sense of if someone is authentic and genuine. If we’re not, the children are not going to believe in our education.”


There is plenty else to appreciate at McDonogh. The average class size is 16 students. Full-time faculty who are studying toward their master’s degree or advanced professional certificate can have 75 percent of their tuition and registration fees reimbursed. Lunch is free. And staff say that the workplace culture is truly embodied by the “McDonogh Family” nickname.

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“The students, parents and colleagues are all wonderful,” said Cynthia Cox, head of the upper school’s English department. “People smile and laugh a lot. They like to be with each other. They like to be here. So many good things can happen when that kind of culture is in place.”